Michael Cummings

Arthur Stuart Michael Cummings MBE (born Leeds, Yorkshire, 1 June 1919, died London, 9 October 1997) was a British newspaper cartoonist. He was known as Michael Cummings and signed his work simply Cummings. ... more on Wikipedia

Michael Cummings Filmography

movie 2013 A Leading Man as Uncle Roy
tv movie 2013 The Surrogate as Edward Randall
movie 2012 A Son Like You as Martin
movie 2012 The Last Act as Mr. Ross
movie 2010 As If You're Dead as Wounded Soldier
movie 2010 Dark Island as Newscaster 4
movie 2010 Hunter and Prayer as David
movie 2010 To Grandmother's House We Go as Archer
movie 2010 Undetectable as Todd
movie 2009 Sonny as Tommy Pep
movie 1983 Shout for Joy
tv movie 1982 Desperate Lives as Brad Davis
tv movie 1982 Drop-Out Father as Bud McCall
tv movie 1982 In Love with an Older Woman as Charlie
tv movie 1981 Miracle on Ice as Mark Johnson

Michael Cummings on Youtube

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Kansas QB Michael Cummings speaks with the media following the loss to Oklahoma State.