Michael Flynn

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Michael Flynn Filmography

movie 2014 Mythica: A Quest for Heroes as Vagamal
movie 2013 Doorway to Heaven as Dr. Everett Sloan
movie 2012 Hellespont as Meleager
movie 2012 Masque as Masters
movie 2011 17 Miracles as General Kearny
movie 2011 Joseph Smith: Plates of Gold as Isaac Hale
movie 2011 Midway to Heaven
movie 2010 Justin Time as Michael Romano
movie 2009 Blue Sweater as Lieutenant Neel
movie 2009 Father Forgive Me as Father
video movie 2009 The Adventures of Dash Dawson as Admiral Thomas Alten
video movie 2009 The Cell 2 as Kassel
tv movie 2008 Blank Slate as Ross
movie 2008 Friends for Life as Jim
movie 2007 Heber Holiday as Mac
movie 2007 The Dance as Charles
movie 2007 The Last Sin Eater as Laochailand Kai
video movie 2006 I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer as Sheriff Davis
tv movie 2006 Lightspeed as Dr. Findlay
tv movie 2004 Halloweentown High as Dalloway
tv movie 2004 Paradise as Henry Cheetum
movie 2004 The Home Teachers as Karl
tv movie 2003 Edge of America as Homer Horton
movie 2003 The Best Two Years as President Sandburg
movie 2003 The Book of Mormon Movie, Volume 1: The Journey as Laban
video movie 2002 Con Express as Jeffreys
movie 2000 Partners in Crime as Matt Wheeler
tv movie 2000 Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder as Governor Roy Rohmer
tv movie 2000 Stolen from the Heart as Detective Lombardo
movie 2000 Stranger Than Fiction as Nick
tv movie 2000 The Darkling as Autioneer #2
movie 2000 The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd as Pharisee #2
movie 1999 Blue Ridge Fall as Television Evangelist
movie 1999 The Runner as Doctor
tv movie 1998 Before He Wakes as Ken Young
tv movie 1998 Money Play$ as The Shylock
tv movie 1998 No Laughing Matter as Robert Winslow
tv movie 1998 The Perfect Getaway as SWAT Commander
movie 1997 Address Unknown as Mayor Sammy Sykes
tv movie 1997 Asteroid as Kansas City Fire Chief
tv movie 1997 Detention: The Siege at Johnson High as Sheriff Randall
tv movie 1997 Divided by Hate as Sheriff Higgins
tv movie 1997 Dying to Belong as Sergeant Sands
tv movie 1997 Mother Knows Best as Investigator
tv movie 1996 In the Blink of an Eye as Tom Montrose
video movie 1996 The Paper Brigade as Mr. Wheeler
tv movie 1996 Unabomber: The True Story
tv movie 1996 Unforgivable as Ben Corbin
movie 1995 Breaking Free as Mr. Kurtz
tv movie 1995 In the Shadow of Evil as Officer Lincoln
tv movie 1995 It Was Him or Us
tv movie 1995 Just Like Dad as Peterson
tv movie 1995 Nothing Lasts Forever as Dr. Arthur Kane
video movie 1995 Out of Annie's Past as Detective Hopkins
movie 1994 Rockwell as Chauncey Higbee
movie 1993 A Home of Our Own as Mr. Wolters
movie 1993 The Goodbye Bird as Mr. Prentice
tv movie 1993 The Man with Three Wives as Dr. Charles
tv movie 1992 Deliver Them from Evil: The Taking of Alta View as Crowder
movie 1992 The Lamb of God as Pilate
tv movie 1992 The President's Child as Deacon
tv movie 1991 Love Kills as Detective
movie 1990 Desperate Hours as Ornita
tv series 1990 Teen Angel Returns as Mr. Donato
movie 1989 A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation as Gunning Bedford
tv movie 1989 Blind Witness as Cruiser Cop
tv movie 1989 Desperate for Love
tv movie 1989 It Nearly Wasn't Christmas as Banker
tv movie 1988 Evil in Clear River as Glen McKinnon
movie 1988 Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers as Deputy Pierce
tv movie 1988 Perry Mason: The Case of the Lady in the Lake as Doctor Everett
tv movie 1988 Stranger on My Land as Brewer
tv movie 1987 A Hobo's Christmas as Priest
movie 1987 The Survivalist as Co-Pilot
movie 1986 Choke Canyon as Governor
tv movie 1984 Scorned and Swindled as 2nd Officer
movie 1982 Savannah Smiles as P.T. Jamison
movie 1981 Stripes as Soldier

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Performing a song from the new album 'Face in the Cloud', now available: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/face-in-the-cloud/id885835290 recorded one ...

Track two of Michael Flynn's new album 'The First Time, The Last Time'. Available November 19th from Get Bent Records, iTunes and more.

To connect with Midway to Heaven, visit facebook.com/midwaytoheavenmovie. From Michael Flynn, producer of The Best Two Years, comes Midway to Heaven, ...