Michael Gaglio

Michael Gaglio Filmography

video movie 2014 Great Bikini Bowling Bash
movie 2014 House of Secrets as Mover 2
tv movie 2014 House of Secrets as Mover 2
movie 2013 All I Want for Christmas as Sidewalk Santa
tv movie 2013 Social Nightmare as Herbert
video movie 2013 The Big Bust Theory as Carmichael
video movie 2012 Baby Dolls Behind Bars as Hartford
video movie 2012 Bikini Spring Break as Jones
video movie 2012 Busty Housewives of Beverly Hills as Griswald
movie 2012 Celebrity Sex Tape as Butler
tv movie 2012 Dirty Blondes from Beyond as Mark
movie 2012 Leonor Greyl: The Artist as The DP
movie 2012 LizardMan: The Terror of the Swamp as Bill Buxley
movie 2012 The Luckiest Man Alive as Boss
tv movie 2012 The Teenie Weenie Bikini Squad as Benny
movie 2012 Window of Opportunity as Reporter
video movie 2011 200 M.P.H. as Dr. Steven
tv movie 2011 Little Witches as Harvey
tv movie 2011 Mega Python vs. Gatoroid as Reporter
tv movie 2011 Rewind Time Machine as Prof. Wells
movie 2011 Super Shark as Pops
movie 2011 The Bunker as SGT Ben Peterson
tv movie 2011 Zombie Apocalypse as Zombie
video movie 2011 3 Musketeers
movie 2011 Stitched
video movie 2010 2010: Moby Dick as Millard 'Duck' Davis
video movie 2010 American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James as Otis
video movie 2010 Gacy House as Professor Roger Franklin
video movie 2010 Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus as Captain Smalls
video movie 2010 Milf as Amir
tv movie 2010 Sharktopus as Fisherman
video movie 2010 Titanic II as Chief Engineer Daniels
tv movie 2010 Turbulent Skies as Person 2
movie 2009 Dark House as Head Crusher Victim
movie 2008 Death's Door as Adam
tv movie 2008 Tarzeena: Jiggle in the Jungle as Dr. Mortimer
tv movie 2007 Super Ninja Bikini Babes as Talbot
movie 2007 Night Visit
movie 2006 Satanic as Cliff
tv movie 2006 The Eden Formula as Chief of Security - Ruffo
video movie 2006 Goolians
movie 2004 The Halfway House as Inspector Hinds
movie 2003 Dismembered as Clancey
video movie 2002 48 ½
video movie 2000 Romeo and Juliet as Balthasar
movie 1995 Lost Victories as McGee
movie 1994 Manosaurus as Deputy Miller
movie 1994 Turn of the Blade as Paramedic #1
movie 1993 Road to Revenge as Bar patron
movie 1993 Sandman as T-Bird Owner
video movie 1990 Space Chase as Captain Dern

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Another tale of Los Angeles with a killer named Theo. Directed By Phil Shanahan Starring: Lance Leykam, Michael Gaglio, Anton Feir Teir Cinematography by: ...

The Asylum Presents 8213: 개이시 하우스 (8213: Gacy House) 2010/ USA/ Horror Director: Anthony Fankhauser Cast: Jim Lewis, Matthew Temple, Diana ...

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