Michael Lennick

Michael Lennick Filmography

movie 2012 2001: The Science of Futures Past
tv movie 2011 A Message from Space
movie 2009 The Land of Space and Time
video movie 2007 Destination: Mars
video movie 2007 Atomic Recall
video movie 2007 Corridor Gossip
video movie 2007 Haunted Memories
video movie 2007 Making Space
tv movie 2006 Dr. Teller's Very Large Bomb
video movie 2004 Videodrome: Forging the New Flesh as Himself
video movie 2002 The Highest Step in the World
tv series 2002 Rocket Science
tv movie 2001 2001 and Beyond
tv movie 2001 Science Highway
tv series 1997 Splat!
tv movie 1997 Keeping the Promise
movie 1993 In Advance of the Landing
movie 1986 The Fly
tv series 1985 Vista: The New Magicians
tv series 1980 The All-Night Show as P.B. Leonard

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A brief trailer for a new project by acclaimed documentary filmmaker MICHAEL LENNICK ("Dr. Teller's Very Large Bomb"). Visit his site at www.foolishearthling...

Rocketry pioneer Frederick Ordway (1927 - 2014) was the man most responsible for the designs and verisimilitude of the vehicles, control panels etc. in Kubri...

From Episode 6 of our Discovery Channel series "Rocket Science". In June of 1963 the Soviet Union launched 26-year-old Valentina Tereshkova into space.

On May 25th, 1961, President Kennedy, never one for half-measures, addressed a short-term political crisis by challenging both America and the Soviet Union t.