Michael Marinaccio

Michael Marinaccio Filmography

movie 2012 Lil Tokyo Reporter as Detective
movie 2011 A Picture Worth a Thousand Words as Liam Perlman
video movie 2011 August's Claim as Miles Burton
movie 2011 Chinese Takeout as Mafia Muscle
movie 2011 Evicted as Jake
movie 2011 Goodbye, Joe as Nick
movie 2010 Bereft Left: A Very Brief, Very American Tale. as Cody
movie 2009 Boulevard Zen as Red
movie 2009 Clear Lake, WI as Warrior Michael
movie 2009 L.A. L.A. Love as Daniel
movie 2009 People on Monday as Kevin
movie 2007 The Weekend as Tom Grady
movie 2006 Saturday as Bar 13 Bartender
movie 2006 Things That Hang from Trees as Mazziati Brother

Michael Marinaccio on Youtube

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