Michael Milhoan

Michael Milhoan Filmography

movie 2008 The Spirit as Uncle Pete
movie 2005 American Gun as Victim's Father
movie 2005 Dirty Deeds as Officer Dill
movie 2004 First Daughter as Agent Bock
movie 2002 Collateral Damage as Jack
movie 2001 Early Bird Special as Rodney
movie 2001 Pearl Harbor as Army Commander
tv movie 2001 The Princess & the Marine
movie 1999 American Virgin as Larry
movie 1999 Anywhere But Here as Cop
movie 1999 She's All That as Principal Stickley
movie 1998 Bulworth as Cop #1
movie 1998 Yakima Wash
movie 1997 In Dark Places as Bartender #1
movie 1997 Most Wanted as S.W.A.T. Leader
movie 1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park as Obnoxious Tourist
tv movie 1996 A Loss of Innocence as Ivor Eriksen
movie 1996 Executive Decision as 747 First Officer
movie 1996 Multiplicity as Irate Football Parent
movie 1996 Phenomenon as Jimmy
movie 1996 Tin Cup as Boone
movie 1995 Crimson Tide as Chief of the Watch Hunsicker
tv movie 1994 Armed and Innocent as Coach Patterson
movie 1993 Dream Lover as Ray's Lawyer
movie 1992 Honey I Blew Up the Kid as Captain Ed Myerson
movie 1992 Sneakers as Russian Driver
tv movie 1991 Lookwell as Policeman #3
movie 1991 The Rocketeer as Jeff
tv movie 1990 Heat Wave as Patrolman 1
movie 1989 Field of Dreams as Buck Weaver - 3B
movie 1982 The Beach Girls as Surfer

Michael Milhoan on Youtube

Actor Michael Milhoan in a scene from Executive Decision.

Actor Michael Milhoan playing golf in Tin Cup.

Michael as James Spader's Lawyer in Dream Lover.

Michael on an episode of 7th Heaven.