Michael Patrick Breen

Michael Patrick Breen Filmography

movie 2012 The Three Bilinguals as Priest
movie 2011 Fred & Vinnie as Dancing Priest
tv movie 2010 Black Book
movie 2010 Fugue as Phillip
video movie 2010 Love & Distrust as Rail Passenger
movie 2010 My Name Is Khan as Supporter
movie 2009 Angels & Demons as Ukrainian General
video movie 2009 Basement Jack as Mr. O'Donnell
movie 2009 Couples Retreat as Bar Patron
movie 2009 Dating Games as Shaun
movie 2009 Dying Days as Bartender at The Mint
movie 2009 Funny People as Comedy Club Goer
movie 2009 Losing Faith as Hamish
tv movie 2009 The Law as Attorney
movie 2009 The Mother of Invention as Convention Attendee
movie 2009 The Unknowing as Karl
movie 2009 Zombo as Audience Member
movie 2008 Frost/Nixon as Houston Ballroom Diner
movie 2008 In Another Life as Wedding Guest
movie 2008 Maro as Undertaker
movie 2008 Smokeless as The Trick
movie 2008 The Liberation of Teddy Wendin as Seamus
movie 2008 Yes Man as Spectator
video movie 2007 Casino Royale with Cheese as The Man
movie 2007 Chasing Tchaikovsky as Diner Patron
tv movie 2007 Marlowe as Night Club Patron
movie 2007 One Night Stand as Cab Driver
movie 2007 Rats
movie 2007 The Birthday
movie 2006 Captain C-Blocker as Uncle Randy
movie 2006 Grasshopper as Rail Passenger
tv movie 2006 Haskett's Chance as TV News Van Driver
movie 2006 Losing Faith as Hamish
movie 2006 Some Kind of Fairy Tale as Father Johnson
movie 2006 Theater 13 as Theater Patron
tv movie 2005 Interrogation Room as Detective Blake

Michael Patrick Breen on Youtube

Michael Patrick Breen in scenes from Playing With Traffic, a short comedic film, written and directed by James Thompson. JC returns in 2007, with his son Dar...

I WAS AT THE REUNION SHOW TAPING!!! WILD AND KRAZEE STUFF!!! :-) This video: Rock of Love CHARM SCHOOL with Sharon Osbourne. Episode 5 ...

Adapted scene from DEATH NOTE. Directed by Paul Hidalgo. I play "REAPER". Marcus played by Ed Marill.

www.MichaelPatrickBreen.com Short film written and directed by student director Nick Brennan. I play the role of Patrick / Patricia McGowan.