Michael Perl

Michael Perl Filmography

movie 2014 Alex Grant as Jared
movie 2013 For a Better Dream as David
movie 2011 Technical Support as Ben
movie 2009 Bittersweet Paradise as Death
movie 2009 Goodbye Horses as Bill
movie 2008 Surviving New Year's as Reverend Mike
movie 2007 The Violin as Jacob
video movie 2006 Azusa Street: The Movie as Witness
video movie 2006 Daniel: The Movie as Daniel
movie 2006 Vagabond as Riznik
movie 2006 War Torn as Adam Grant
movie 2005 The Five-Cent Curve as EMT #1
movie 2004 Porno as Sarah's Friend #2
movie 2002 The Terrapin as Victor
movie 1999 Tarzan

Michael Perl on Youtube

www.michaelperl.net This is the trailer for a movie called Saint Andrew. Directed by Chris Bussey and Produced by Rachael Meyers. A film about love, redempti.

www.michaelperl.net Hi! This is the trailer for a short film I wrote and produced (along with my producing partner and director Elizabeth Gorcey) The short f...

www.michaelperl.net This is the slightly longer version of my acting demo reel. It has a couple more scenes edited in for those with an extra 43 seconds. Tha...

www.michaelperl.net Michael Perl Demo Reel This is the short version of my demo reel. I'll have a slightly longer version posted soon. If you like what you s...