Michael Power

Michael Power Filmography

movie 2014 Mi America as ER Doctor
movie 2013 Aerodrome as Pilot
movie 2013 Chlorine as Tennis Player
movie 2013 Doomsdays as Fisherman
movie 2013 Frostbite as Mr. Elomaa
movie 2013 Scavenger Killers as Lawyer
movie 2013 The Wolf of Wall Street as Seminar Guest
movie 2013 Wildlife as FBI Agent Gustav Vallardi
movie 2012 Francine as Clergy
movie 2012 Glory Days as Party Animal
tv movie 2012 Katie Fforde - Diagnose Liebe as Coffee Shop Patron
tv movie 2012 Katie Fforde: Ein Teil von dir as ER Doctor
movie 2012 Lectern as Mover
movie 2012 Sparrow Lane as LaChat
movie 2012 The Dark Knight Rises as Gotham Police Officer
tv series 2012 When Sharks Attack as Surfer
movie 2011 Collar as Police Officer
tv movie 2011 Katie Fforde: Zum Teufel mit David as Town Councilman
movie 2011 Return as Traveler
tv movie 2010 Katie Fforde - Gl├╝cksboten as Funeral Guest
movie 2010 The Temple as Beggar III
movie 1997 Volcano as Rioter
movie 1994 The Road to Wellville as San Guest
movie Skookum: The Hunt for Bigfoot as Jake Nelson Sr.

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Welcome to the MPSJ Film Club Channel! We will be making mostly shorts, but anything is possible! This was a little stopmotion video created by our very own ...

Directors: Brian M. Cassidy, Melanie Shatzky Writers: Melanie Shatzky, Brian M. Cassidy Cast (in credits order) Melissa Leo ... Francine Victoria Charkut ......

Angus On the night of the wake of their friend Angus, Jimmy and Ted wonder how can they get the coffin back to the church in time for the funeral... Directed...