Michael S. Thomas

Michael S. Thomas Filmography

movie 2014 First, Do No Harm as Running Kid
movie 2014 Redemption of the Commons as Billy
movie 2013 PREVENT: Standoff Against Time as Son
movie 2013 Remnants as Dave Bernard
movie 2013 The Hearing List as David
movie 2012 Little Red Wagon as Advocate Marcher
movie 2012 Two Wolves, Two Worlds as Little boy
movie 2011 Pendulum Swings as Jerry
movie 2011 The Road to Jacob as Jacob
tv movie 2011 Trinity Goodheart as Student
movie 2011 Where Is William Now? as Edward
video movie 2010 Goodbye to Muffy as Billy
movie 2010 Programmatic as The Child
movie 2010 Rom as Jason
movie 2009 Chekhov's Children as Little Boy
movie 2009 The New World as Pedestrian

Michael S. Thomas on Youtube

Michael S. Thomas. Actor. film Silence Dancing through fear.

Michael S. Thomas,Actor. Silence Dancing Through Fear, Dance.

Michael S. Thomas, Actor. Video Audition for film EnRoute.