Michael Schmid

Michael Schmid Filmography

movie 2014 Day 1 as Ogorek
movie 2014 Leaf Blower Massacre 2 as Detective Randy
movie 2014 The Non Gratas as Landel
video movie 2014 The Perfect Letter as Rental Agent
movie 2013 Anxiety as Guy in Car
movie 2013 Can You Hear Me Now as Roy
movie 2013 InSpectres as Jeff
movie 2013 Ovulation as Demetrius
movie 2013 The Dirty Sanchez as Henry
movie 2013 Balloon Feast
movie 2013 Broken Fate
movie 2013 Shayna
movie 2012 Bacon as Tony
movie 2012 Common Law as Dave
movie 2012 Hand of Glory as Eddie
movie 2012 House of the Degenerate Brain-Eating Mutant Fog Insects as Officer Smitts
movie 2012 In a Hole as Sarah's Brother
video movie 2012 Legacy of the Masque as Dock Thug #1
movie 2012 One Afternoon as Stranger
movie 2012 Plastic as Stoner
movie 2012 The Confrontation as Dr. Jones
movie 2012 Fish
movie 2012 Loving Betrayal
movie 2012 Sinister Fate: Drop Dead Goregous
movie 2012 What Do I Say?
movie 2011 ED & The Awakening as Rick Machismo
movie 2011 For the Trees as Stoner Kid
movie 2011 Ghost Humpers as Roy
movie 2011 Headline News as Roy
movie 2011 The Sad Cafe as Pete
movie 2010 Green Lobster Men from Planet Z as Ruler
movie 2010 Welcome to Dreadville V: Souls of Mischief
movie 2009 Welcome to Dreadville III: The Lottery as Rhett Danes
movie 2007 Dates as Amp
video movie 2007 Welcome to Dreadville II: Red in Dreadville
movie 2003 The Life of David Gale as Protester
movie 2003 When Zachary Beaver Came to Town as Army Officer #2
movie Hellbillies as Roy
movie Movie of the Dead as Mike
movie Sister of the Wolf as Riley
movie Shadows of Death

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skate stuff aus 2011/12.

Tolles Buch. Hat mir richtig SpaƟ gemacht :D Also, alle kaufen! Amazon: http://www.amazon.de/760-Minuten-Angst-Michael-Schmid/dp/3940609919 ...

Michael J. Schmid, J. S. Bach: Allemanda from Partita No. 1 for violin solo, b- minor violin by Hans Pluhar www.pluhar.com.