Michael Ward

Michael Ward Filmography

video movie 2007 Hammer Horror as Tranvest
movie 1978 Revenge of the Pink Panther as Real Estate Agent
movie 1974 Man About the House as Mr. Gideon
movie 1973 Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell as Transvest
movie 1967 Ouch! as Photographer
movie 1967 Smashing Time
movie 1966 Carry on Screaming! as Mr. Vivian
movie 1966 Don't Lose Your Head as Henri
movie 1966 Where the Bullets Fly as Michael
movie 1965 The Big Job as Undertaker
movie 1964 Carry on Cleo as Archimedes
movie 1964 Father Came Too! as Man at Auction
tv series 1964 Crossroads as Mr. Penfold
movie 1963 Carry on Cabby as Man in Tweeds
movie 1962 A Pair of Briefs as Judge's Dresser
movie 1961 Carry on Regardless as Photographer
movie 1961 Mary Had a Little... as Hunter
movie 1960 Doctor in Love as Dr Flower
tv movie 1960 The Richest Man in the World as Edward Barranca
movie 1959 Carlton-Browne of the F.O. as Hotel Manager
movie 1959 Follow a Star as Bit Role
movie 1959 I'm All Right Jack as Reporter
movie 1959 The Rough and the Smooth as Headwaiter
movie 1959 The Ugly Duckling as Pasco
movie 1957 Brothers in Law as Photographer
movie 1957 Just My Luck as Cranley
movie 1956 Jumping for Joy as Pertwee
movie 1956 Lost as Mantilla
movie 1956 Private's Progress as Sidney
movie 1956 The Intimate Stranger as Costume Designer
movie 1956 Up in the World as Maurice
movie 1955 Josephine and Men as Bohemian
movie 1955 Man of the Moment as Photographer
tv movie 1955 The Case of Mr. Pelham as Dr. Keller
movie 1954 John of the Fair as Sir Thomas Renton
movie 1954 The Love Lottery as Receptionist
movie 1953 Street Corner as Jewellery Salesman
movie 1953 The Fake as Art Salesman
movie 1953 Trouble in Store as Wilbur
movie 1952 13 East Street as Barman
movie 1952 Blind Man's Bluff as Jewellers Assistant
movie 1952 Emergency Call as Roberto
movie 1952 Song of Paris as Waterson
movie 1952 Tall Headlines as Dentist
movie 1952 The Frightened Man as Cornelius Hart
movie 1952 The Happy Family as BBC Anouncer
movie 1952 Tread Softly as Alexander Mayne
movie 1952 Whispering Smith Hits London as Reception Clerk
movie 1951 Appointment with Venus as Senior clerk's assistant
movie 1951 Calling Bulldog Drummond
movie 1951 Cheer the Brave
movie 1951 Chelsea Story as Chris Fawcett
movie 1951 High Treason as Music Club Member
tv movie 1951 John of the Fair as Sir Thomas Renton
movie 1951 Life in Her Hands as Ralph
movie 1951 Lilli Marlene as Wintertree
tv movie 1951 Milestones as Ned Pym
movie 1951 Pool of London as Pianist
movie 1951 The Galloping Major as Blimpish Character
movie 1951 The House in the Square
tv movie 1951 To Live in Peace as Lawyer
movie 1951 Tom Brown's Schooldays as Master
movie 1950 No Trace as Wigmaker
movie 1950 Seven Days to Noon as Cast Member
movie 1950 So Long at the Fair as Pilkington
movie 1950 Tony Draws a Horse as Photographer
movie 1950 Trio as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1950 What the Butler Saw as Gerald
movie 1949 Helter Skelter as News Reader
movie 1949 High Jinks in Society as Watkins
movie 1949 Marry Me as Minor Role
movie 1949 Once a Jolly Swagman as Artist at Chelsea Party
movie 1949 Stop Press Girl as Hairdressers' Manager
movie 1949 The Queen of Spades as Officer in the Gaming Room
movie 1949 Trottie True as Pianist at Ball
movie 1948 Calling Paul Temple as Passer-by
movie 1948 Saraband for Dead Lovers
movie 1948 Sleeping Car to Trieste as Elvin
movie 1947 An Ideal Husband as Mr. Tommy Tafford

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