Michele Yeager

Michele Yeager Filmography

movie 2014 American Hostage as CBN Anchor
movie 2013 Balloon Animals as Annette
movie 2013 Cakewalk as Kim Dietrich
movie 2013 House Guest as News Anchor
movie 2013 Right Side Up as Melissa
movie 2012 Roadiots as Janise Simon
movie 2012 Roxy as Sheila Glass

Michele Yeager on Youtube

My film demo reel which includes footage from the films I've shot in mid-late 2013. Please visit www.MicheleYeager.com.

some samples of my work including film, commercial, industrial, b-roll.

Scene from Scene O Rama (acting class showcase) with myself and Michele Young. Its from the movie The Heat. There's a few seconds missing b/c of the ...

My footage from Right Side Up short film shot at Full Sail in Orlando, FL by a very talented group of students. Please visit www.MicheleYeager.com.