Mick Cusimano

Mick Cusimano Filmography

movie 2013 Halloween Is for the Birds
movie 2013 Lady in White as Diner #1
movie 2012 Alexander the Great in Egypt
movie 2012 Love @ First Sight
movie 2012 Monkey Do Monkey Don't
movie 2011 Jazz in Venice
movie 2011 Don't Spill the Eggs
movie 2011 The Mermaids of Atlantis
video movie 2010 Whales
movie 2009 Do You Believe in Genies
movie 2008 The Dreams of Leonardo da Vinci
movie 2008 Suspicious Minds
movie 2007 City of Dark Shadows
video movie 2006 Valley of the Kings

Mick Cusimano on Youtube

Beatniks Trailer The movie is premiering may 10-11 at Fort point channel open studios 5:30 pm 15 channel center st. south boston ...

Mermaids of Atlantis Trailer For centuries sailors have reported mermaids in the sea. Last summer for the firt time mermaids were washed up on land. Website ...

Monkey Do Monkey Don't Trailer.

Don't Spill the Eggs an upcoming movie.