Mike Carrier

Mike Carrier Filmography

tv series 2014 An LA Douchebag Romance
movie 2014 True American
movie 2013 Amazing Spider-Man 2: Marvelous Movie Shawarma as Executive
movie 2013 Avengers Age of Ultron: Marvelous Movie Shawarma as Shield Agent Kowalski
movie 2013 Dead Body Acting Class as Ken Oduya
movie 2013 Play Date with Kumail Nanjiani Part 3 as Confederate With Flag
movie 2013 The Science of Happiness - Art Therapy as Participant
movie 2012 Freelance Henchmen as Henchman #1
tv series 2012 Viewers Like You
tv series 2010 How to Make It in America
movie 2008 Olio as Various
video movie 2008 Doglovers
movie 2007 Beantown as One-Eyed Zebe Morrison
movie 2007 Cannonade as Noche

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COMEDY VIDEOS COMING SOON... SPECIAL THANKS: Steve Altman, Tim Banning, Karen Baughn, Andrew Bear, Julie Bersani, Allison Bills, Andie Bolt, Nic ...

First Person Waiter Game by Mike Carrier Screened at the 2014 Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge Award Screening in Hollywood, CA.

2008 Campus MovieFest entry Ian Anderson Mike Carrier Michael Clair Gonzalo Cordova Sam Crimmins John Kerr Kelly McDermid Michael McManus Jacob ...

Be an angel. Adopt a dude. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1nDibJO Written and Directed by Melissa Hunter and Megan Rosati Starring Melissa Hunter, Megan Rosati, ...