Mike Rad

Mike Rad Filmography

movie 2013 Making Glock's Somebody Picked the Wrong... as Tweaker
tv movie 2011 Cinema Verite as Desk Clerk
movie 2011 Hyenas as Orville
movie 2009 The Revenant as Homophobic Shopping Cart Man
movie 2008 Boiler Maker as Hans
movie 2007 Shoot 'Em Up as Diner Hood with Earring
movie 2007 The Nanny Diaries as Dude
tv movie 2006 The Danny Comden Project as Homeless Man
movie 2003 American Splendor as Rand
movie 2001 Skippy as Rock N' Roller
movie 2000 Knockout as Street Punk
movie 2000 Sunset Strip as Badger
tv movie 2000 The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood as Cullen
tv movie 1998 Blade Squad as Speed Freak
movie 1998 Cause N' Defect as Kurt

Mike Rad on Youtube

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Rad Scarss Daecos & Mike The Kid at Boss Bar June 08.

This is a typical morning in Mike Rad's life, except with one twist?!?!