Milburn Morante

Milburn Morante Filmography

movie 1953 Siren of Bagdad as Sheik
movie 1951 Abilene Trail as Cowhand Chuck
movie 1951 Blazing Bullets as Andy Mullins
movie 1950 Jiggs and Maggie Out West as 'Hawkeye' Higgins
movie 1950 Law of the Panhandle as Ezra Miller
movie 1950 Outlaw Gold as Sandy Barrett
movie 1950 Over the Border as Jud Mason
movie 1950 Short Grass as Otto
movie 1950 Six Gun Mesa as Whiskey Evans
movie 1950 West of Wyoming as Panhandle Jones
movie 1949 Haunted Trails as 'Cookie'
movie 1949 West of El Dorado as Brimstone
movie 1949 Western Renegades as Jenkins
movie 1948 Cowboy Cavalier as Pete Morris
movie 1948 Crossed Trails as Steve Anderson
movie 1948 Hidden Danger as Potts
movie 1948 Oklahoma Blues as Amos
movie 1948 Overland Trails as Prospector Brooks
movie 1948 Range Renegades as Telegraph Operator
movie 1948 The Fighting Ranger as Gus
movie 1948 The Rangers Ride as Bullard
movie 1947 Ridin' Down the Trail as Doc Jackson
movie 1947 Song of the Wasteland as Townsman
movie 1946 Drifting Along as Zeke the Cook
movie 1946 Ghost of Hidden Valley as Homesteader
movie 1946 Jungle Terror as Henchman Joe
movie 1946 The Scarlet Horseman as Matt
movie 1945 The Lost Trail as Zeke
movie 1945 The White Gorilla as Joe Marks
movie 1944 Range Law as Bartender
movie 1944 The Last Horseman as Bartender
movie 1944 The Mystery of the Riverboat as Crewman
movie 1943 Dead Men Walk as Groceryman
movie 1943 Death Rides the Plains as Barfly
movie 1943 Outlaws of Stampede Pass as Zeke
movie 1943 Six Gun Gospel as Barfly Zeke
movie 1943 The Ghost Rider as Wilson
movie 1943 The Kansan as Townsman
movie 1943 The Kid Rides Again as Townsman
movie 1943 The Renegade as Townsman
movie 1943 The Stranger from Pecos as Telegrapher Pete
movie 1943 Two Fisted Justice as Barfly
movie 1943 Western Cyclone as Blodgett
movie 1943 Wolves of the Range as Man on Porch Outside Bank
movie 1942 Along the Sundown Trail as Barfly
movie 1942 Arizona Stage Coach as Barfly
movie 1942 Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns as Rancher
movie 1942 Boot Hill Bandits as Cameron
movie 1942 Dawn on the Great Divide as Wagon Train Member
movie 1942 Down Texas Way as Hotel Clerk
movie 1942 Ghost Town Law as Luke Martin
movie 1942 Lost Canyon as Man at Dance
movie 1942 Outlaws of Boulder Pass as Rancher Charlie Andrews
movie 1942 Overland Stagecoach as Railroad Agent
movie 1942 Prairie Gunsmoke as Rancher
movie 1942 Riders of the West as Joe, the Storekeeper
movie 1942 Rolling Down the Great Divide as Barfly
movie 1942 Sheriff of Sage Valley as Rancher
movie 1942 South of Santa Fe as Ace Brody
movie 1942 The Lone Prairie as Townsman
movie 1942 The Lone Rider and the Bandit as Townsman
movie 1942 The Lone Rider in Cheyenne as Checkers Player
movie 1942 The Valley of Vanishing Men as Cave Prisoner
movie 1942 Thunder River Feud as Barfly
movie 1942 Trail Riders as Barfly
movie 1942 Tumbleweed Trail as Townsman
movie 1942 West of the Law as Rufus Todd
movie 1941 Billy the Kid in Santa Fe as Court Spectator
movie 1941 Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals as Barfly
movie 1941 Billy the Kid's Range War as Road Worker
movie 1941 Buzzy and the Phantom Pinto as Timothy Wade
movie 1941 Forbidden Trails as Sandy's Best Man
movie 1941 Fugitive Valley as Bartender
movie 1941 Hard Guy as Clem - Wedding Witness
movie 1941 Law of the Timber as Abe Cain
movie 1941 Love at First Fright as Pa McCune
movie 1941 Sign of the Wolf as Fur Trapper
movie 1941 The Corsican Brothers as Guard
movie 1941 The Lone Rider Fights Back as Barfly
movie 1941 The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury as Barfly
movie 1941 The Richest Man in Town as Man
movie 1941 The Trail of the Silver Spurs as Dan Nordick
movie 1941 Underground Rustlers as Townsman
movie 1940 City of Lost Men as Andrews
movie 1940 Convicted Woman as Man on Park Bench
movie 1940 Covered Wagon Trails as Rancher
movie 1940 Frontier Crusader as Townsman
movie 1940 Three Men from Texas as Townsman
movie 1940 West of Pinto Basin as Townsman
movie 1939 Blondie Brings Up Baby as Man Directing Postman
movie 1939 Code of the Cactus as Old Cowhand
movie 1939 Death Rides the Range as Land Recorder
movie 1939 In Old Montana as Rancher Abe
movie 1939 Smoky Trails as Bartender
movie 1939 Texas Wildcats as Gambler
movie 1939 The Pal from Texas as Man in Bar
movie 1938 Bar 20 Justice as Townsman
movie 1938 Gold Mine in the Sky as Jailbird
movie 1938 Riders of the Black Hills as Race Spectator
movie 1938 Six-Shootin' Sheriff as Shorty
movie 1938 The Rangers' Round-Up as Cafe Patron
movie 1938 The Secret of Treasure Island as Bearded Pirate
movie 1938 Thunder in the Desert as Boxcar Tramp
movie 1938 Under Western Stars as Repairman
movie 1938 Where the West Begins as Townsman
movie 1938 Wild Horse Canyon as Bartender
movie 1937 Bar-Z Bad Men as Sherlock - Arizona Deputy
movie 1937 Come on, Cowboys as Zeke
movie 1937 Dick Tracy as Death Valley Johnny
movie 1937 Git Along Little Dogies as Man in Café
movie 1937 God's Country and the Man as Cheated Gambler
movie 1937 Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin as Mesa Homesteader
movie 1937 Heroes of the Alamo as Citizen
movie 1937 Island Captives as Barfly
movie 1937 Jungle Menace as Singapore Joe [Chs.2,7,9,15]
movie 1937 Mystery Range as Sidekick Jim
movie 1937 Orphan of the Pecos as Goofy
movie 1937 Public Cowboy No. 1 as Ezra
movie 1937 Range Defenders as Townsman
movie 1937 Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm as Barfly
movie 1937 Sing, Cowboy, Sing as Zeke
movie 1937 Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts as Henchman
movie 1937 The Cherokee Strip as Townsman
movie 1937 The Feud of the Trail as Jerry McLane
movie 1937 The Mysterious Pilot as Scruffy Little 'Human Wolf'
movie 1937 The Painted Stallion as Peters
movie 1937 Trouble in Texas as Townsman
movie 1936 Aces and Eights as Patrolman
movie 1936 Ambush Valley as Barfly
movie 1936 Blazing Justice as Pop, Bearded Barfly
movie 1936 Border Caballero as Spectator
movie 1936 Cavalcade of the West as Man at Relay Station
movie 1936 Custer's Last Stand as Buckskin
movie 1936 Custer's Last Stand as Buckskin - Scout
movie 1936 Ghost-Town Gold as Jake Rawlins
movie 1936 Lucky Terror as Judge
movie 1936 Pinto Rustlers as Old-timer
movie 1936 Red River Valley as Townsman
movie 1936 Ridin' On as Jail Defender
movie 1936 Roarin' Guns as Jake
movie 1936 The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand as Marty, the Delivery Man [Chs.2,6-8]
movie 1936 The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand as Marty
movie 1936 The Black Coin as Slim [Chs. 5-6]
movie 1936 The Kid Ranger as Barfly with Eye Patch
movie 1936 The Old Corral as Clem Snodgrass
movie 1936 Valley of the Lawless as Ed Reynolds
movie 1935 Between Men as Old Timer Pete
movie 1935 Bulldog Courage as Storekeeper
movie 1935 Captured in Chinatown as Reporter at Polo Game
movie 1935 Cyclone of the Saddle as Bison
movie 1935 Defying the Law as Tex Parker
movie 1935 Fighting Caballero as Alkali Potts
movie 1935 His Fighting Blood as Barfly
movie 1935 Pals of the Range as 'Old Gold-Dust'
movie 1935 Rough Riding Ranger as Cuckoo - Drunk #1
movie 1935 Six Gun Justice as Henchman
movie 1935 Skull and Crown as Dad Miller
movie 1935 Sundown Saunders as Smokey, Sundown's Sidekick
movie 1935 The Drunkard as Barfly
movie 1935 The Irish Gringo as Buffalo, sidekick
movie 1935 The Live Wire as Barfly
movie 1935 The Lost City as Chet Andrews [Chs. 1, 4, 5, 8-10]
movie 1935 The Lost City as Andrews
movie 1935 The Pecos Kid as Don Pedro Pecos
movie 1935 The Phantom Cowboy as Barfly
movie 1935 The Reckless Buckaroo as Desert Lew
movie 1935 The Red Blood of Courage as Bushwhacker
movie 1935 The Tia Juana Kid as Pedro
movie 1935 The Vanishing Riders as Henchman Hank
movie 1935 Toll of the Desert as Hank
movie 1935 Trail of Terror as Jake
movie 1935 Trigger Tom as Duel Official
movie 1935 Wild Mustang as Man with Dynamite
movie 1934 Gunfire as Spud, the traitor
movie 1934 Prescott Kid as Barfly
movie 1934 The Fighting Ranger as Henchman
movie 1934 The Fighting Trooper as Hatfield Henchman Guarding Door
movie 1932 Detectuvs as Yegg's Cohort
movie 1932 Fighting for Justice as Townsman
movie 1932 They Never Come Back as Fight Promoter
movie 1931 Cavalier of the West as Trooper
movie 1929 Pals of the Prairie as Pedro Terrazzes
movie 1929 The Freckled Rascal as Hank Robbins
movie 1929 The Little Savage as Hank
movie 1928 The Fightin' Redhead as Sidewinder Steve
movie 1928 The Little Buckaroo as Toby Jones
movie 1928 The Pinto Kid as Pat Logan
movie 1928 Wizard of the Saddle as Hank Robbins
movie 1927 Cactus Trails as Jack Mason
movie 1927 Daring Deeds as 'Smudge' Rafferty
movie 1927 Doc's Dog
movie 1927 Down to the Sea in Cabs
movie 1927 Perils of the Jungle as Marks
movie 1927 Stepping on the Gas as Shrimp Adams
movie 1927 The Swift Shadow as Sheriff Miller
movie 1926 Lawless Trails as Lafe Sturgess
movie 1926 Modern Youth
movie 1926 The Desperate Game as Shinney
movie 1926 The Grey Devil
movie 1926 West of the Rainbow's End as Tim
movie 1926 With Buffalo Bill on the U. P. Trail as 'Hearts' Farrel
movie 1926 Blue Blazes
movie 1926 Bucking the Truth
movie 1926 Chasing Trouble
movie 1926 The Escape
movie 1925 Assorted Nuts as Albert Brown
movie 1925 Don X as Frank Paget
movie 1925 Favor Me
movie 1925 Getting 'Em Right
movie 1925 The Bride Tamer
movie 1925 The Range Terror as Sam Lee
movie 1925 The Rip Snorter as Tom Moffit
movie 1925 Triple Action as Scaby MacGonigal
movie 1925 Who's Your Husband?
movie 1925 Wolf Blood as Jacques Lebeq
movie 1924 A Fighting Heart as Cloudy Day
movie 1924 Battling Mason
movie 1924 Rainbow Rangers as English Charlie
movie 1924 Shootin' Square
movie 1924 The Covered Trail
movie 1924 Up and at 'Em
movie 1924 Romance of the Wasteland
movie 1922 Diamond Carlisle as 'Black' Meyer
movie 1922 For Love of Service
movie 1922 Blind Circumstances
movie 1922 The Crimson Clue
movie 1922 The Hate Trail
movie 1922 The Motive
movie 1922 The Timber Wolf
movie 1921 Hearts o' the Range as Beldon
movie 1921 The Recoil
movie 1920 A Bungalow Bungle as The Henpecked Husband
movie 1920 Chicken a la King
movie 1920 Don't Chase Your Wife
movie 1920 Her First Flame as Willie Wart
movie 1920 His Wedding Day
movie 1920 Jealousy
movie 1920 Kick as Aleck Kazam
movie 1920 Love, Where Art Thou?
movie 1920 Old Clothes for New
movie 1920 Simp and Satan
movie 1920 The Installment Plan
movie 1920 Wild Wild West
movie 1920 Henpecked and Pecked Hens
movie 1920 Open the Bars
movie 1920 Prince of Daffydil
movie 1920 Sweet Dynamite
movie 1919 A Model Husband
movie 1919 Cash
movie 1919 Gas
movie 1919 Her Honor, the Scrublady
movie 1919 Her Week-End
movie 1919 Home Talent
movie 1919 Kids
movie 1919 Lizzie's Luck
movie 1919 Mixed Wives as Tall Husband
movie 1919 Pants
movie 1919 Poor Fish
movie 1919 Stung
movie 1919 Sweet Cookie
movie 1919 The Detectress as Policeman
movie 1919 The Farmerette
movie 1919 The Slavey
movie 1919 The Wild Woman
movie 1918 Butter Again
movie 1918 It's a Cruel World
movie 1918 The Borrowed Baby
movie 1918 The Pie Eyed Piper as Ellen's Cousin
movie 1918 Who's to Blame?
movie 1917 A Boob for Luck
movie 1917 A Desert Dilemma
movie 1917 Art Aches
movie 1917 Barred from the Bar as The Boss
movie 1917 Behind the Map
movie 1917 Canning the Cannibal King
movie 1917 Hawaiian Nuts
movie 1917 He Had 'em Buffaloed
movie 1917 Her Naughty Choice
movie 1917 His Coming Out Party
movie 1917 His Fatal Beauty as Milt
movie 1917 I Quit!
movie 1917 Left in the Soup
movie 1917 Love in Suspense
movie 1917 Love Me, Love My Biscuits
movie 1917 Marble Heads
movie 1917 Mines and Matrimony
movie 1917 Mule Mates
movie 1917 O-My the Tent Mover
movie 1917 Officer, Call a Cop
movie 1917 One Damp Day
movie 1917 Out Again, in Again
movie 1917 Out for the Dough
movie 1917 Passing the Grip
movie 1917 Rosie's Rancho as Milt
movie 1917 Secret Servants
movie 1917 Short Skirts and Deep Water
movie 1917 Some Nurse
movie 1917 Take Back Your Wife as Lt. Ketchem
movie 1917 The Battling Bellboy
movie 1917 The Boss of the Family
movie 1917 The Careless Cop
movie 1917 The Cross Eyed Submarine
movie 1917 The Fountain of Trouble
movie 1917 The Last Scent
movie 1917 The Leak as The Marshal
movie 1917 The Man with a Package
movie 1917 The Masked Marvels
movie 1917 The Shame of the Bullcon
movie 1917 The Tightwad
movie 1917 The Vamp of the Camp
movie 1917 The Wart on the Wire
movie 1917 Uneasy Money
movie 1917 Wanta Make a Dollar? as Milt
movie 1917 Water on the Brain
movie 1917 What the ---?
movie 1917 Who Done It?
movie 1917 Whose Baby?
movie 1917 Why They Left Home as Jack Dawson
movie 1916 A Crooked Mix-Up
movie 1916 A Dark Suspicion as Sam Green
movie 1916 A Janitor's Vendetta
movie 1916 A Marriage for Revenge
movie 1916 A Raffle for a Husband
movie 1916 A Shadowed Shadow
movie 1916 A Stage Villain
movie 1916 A Tale of a Turk
movie 1916 A Wife for a Ransom
movie 1916 An All Around Cure
movie 1916 Bashful Charley's Proposal
movie 1916 Beans and Bullets
movie 1916 Father Gets in Wrong
movie 1916 His Highness, the Janitor as Harry - Lillian's Sweetheart
movie 1916 Hubby Puts One Over
movie 1916 I've Got Yer Number
movie 1916 In Love with a Fireman
movie 1916 In Onion There Is Strength
movie 1916 It Nearly Happened as Hasherino
movie 1916 Jags and Jealousy
movie 1916 Kate's Lover's Knots
movie 1916 Leap and Look Thereafter as Dr. Killem
movie 1916 Lemonade Aids Cupid as Hank Boggs
movie 1916 Love Laughs at the Law as Milburn Binks
movie 1916 Love Quarantined
movie 1916 Muchly Married as Mr. Brown
movie 1916 Musical Madness
movie 1916 Perfect Match, or: 1 Plus 1 Equals 2
movie 1916 Scrappily Married as The Cop
movie 1916 She Was Some Vampire
movie 1916 She Wrote a Play and Played It
movie 1916 Soup and Nuts
movie 1916 The Deacon Stops the Show
movie 1916 The Elixir of Life
movie 1916 The Fall of Deacon Stillwaters
movie 1916 The Harem Scarem Deacon as Dopey Jones
movie 1916 The Inspector's Double
movie 1916 The Jitney Driver's Romance
movie 1916 The Tramp Chef
movie 1916 Their Dark Secret
movie 1916 Their First Arrest
movie 1916 Those Female Haters as The Valet
movie 1916 You Want Something
movie 1915 A Day at the San Diego Fair
movie 1915 A Dip in the Water as Tom
movie 1915 A Duel at Dawn
movie 1915 A Millionaire for a Minute
movie 1915 A Mixed-Up Honeymoon
movie 1915 At the Beach Incognito as Hiram
movie 1915 At the Bingville Booster's Barbecue
movie 1915 Fools and Pajamas
movie 1915 Freaks as Hamus
movie 1915 His Twentieth Century Susie
movie 1915 Lady Baffles and Detective Duck
movie 1915 Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in Baffles Aids Cupid as The Girl's Sweetheart
movie 1915 Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in Kidnapping the King's Kids
movie 1915 Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in Saved by a Scent
movie 1915 Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in the 18 Carrot Mystery
movie 1915 Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in the Dread Society of the Sacred Sausage as The Prince of Chow Chow
movie 1915 Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in The Lost Roll
movie 1915 Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in the Ore Mystery as Two Faced Bill
movie 1915 Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in the Sign of the Sacred Safety Pin
movie 1915 Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in the Signal of the Three Socks as Mr. Higgins
movie 1915 Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in When the Wets Went Dry as The Governor
movie 1915 Love and Law
movie 1915 No Babies Allowed as Freddie
movie 1915 Over the Bounding Waves
movie 1915 Pete's Awful Crime
movie 1915 Saved by a Shower
movie 1915 The Lover's Lucky Predicament as The Grocery Clerk - Dolly's Sweetheart
movie 1915 The Mechanical Man
movie 1915 The Plumber Wins the Girl as The Plumber's Apprentice
movie 1915 The Village Smithy
movie 1915 The Way He Won the Widow
movie 1915 Their Bewitched Elopement as Tom
movie 1915 Wanted: A Piano Tuner as Mr. Spots
movie 1915 Wedding Bells Shall Ring
movie 1915 When Schultz Led the Orchestra
movie 1914 The De-feet of Father as Trickie's Husband

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After wolf blood transfusion, man thinks he's becoming a wolf. movies 2014 full movie movies ...

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After wolf blood transfusion, man thinks he's becoming a wolf. Cast George Chesebro ... Dick Bannister (as George Chesbro) Roy Watson ... Jules Deveroux Milb...

15 Chapter Serial Cast: Rex Lease ... Kit Cardigan / John C. Cardigan Nancy Caswell ... Barbara Trent Reed Howes ... Tom 'Keen' Blade Frank McGlynn Jr. .