Miriam Nesbitt

Miriam Nesbitt (September 14, 1873, Chicago, Illinois - August 11, 1954, Hollywood, California) was a stage and film actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Miriam Nesbitt Filmography

movie 1917 Builders of Castles as Marie
movie 1917 Infidelity as Dorothy Stafford
movie 1917 The Last Sentence as Cynthia Ford
movie 1916 The Catspaw as Roxane Bellairs
movie 1915 A Theft in the Dark as Lady Sinclair
movie 1915 Her Proper Place as Agnes Reynolds
movie 1915 Killed Against Orders as Odana Durand
movie 1915 Lena as Miss Janet Brewster 'Lena'
movie 1915 Life's Pitfalls
movie 1915 Oh! Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight as Zelda Wade
movie 1915 Sally Castleton, Southerner as Sally Castleton
movie 1915 The Glory of Clementina as Clementina Wing
movie 1915 The Master Mummer as Lady Delahaye
movie 1915 The Portrait in the Attic as Thelma's Mother
movie 1915 The Way Back as Mary Wilson
movie 1915 Was It Her Duty? as Margaret Maitland
movie 1914 A Hunted Animal as Mary Wales
movie 1914 A Matter of Minutes as Mary Wales
movie 1914 A Question of Hats and Gowns as Jennie Wiltz aka Miranda
movie 1914 By the Aid of a Film as Mary Wales
movie 1914 Face to Face as Mary Wales
movie 1914 On the Isle of Sarne as Countess Dorothea Villhausen
movie 1914 Sophia's Imaginary Visitors as Kate Robinson
movie 1914 Stanton's Last Fling as Lady Angela Carruthers
movie 1914 The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies as Mrs. Cambridge
movie 1914 The Adventure of the Pickpocket
movie 1914 The Antique Brooch as Lady Veronica
movie 1914 The Black Mask as Mary Wales
movie 1914 The Colonel of the Red Hussars as Princess Dehra of Valaria
movie 1914 The Coward and the Man
movie 1914 The Double Cross as Mary Wales
movie 1914 The Drama of Heyville as Legitimate Actress
movie 1914 The Gap as Mary Wales
movie 1914 The King's Move in the City as Lady Sinclair
movie 1914 The Light on the Wall as Mary Wales
movie 1914 The Living Dead as Mary Wales
movie 1914 The Long Way as Rachel Leven
movie 1914 The Man Who Disappeared as Mary Wales
movie 1914 The Necklace of Rameses as Diamond Mary
movie 1914 The Pines of Lorey as Elinor Marshall
movie 1914 The Premature Compromise as Lady Sinclair
movie 1914 The Price of the Necklace as Mrs. Henry Lyons - the Money Spender
movie 1914 The Tango in Tuckerville as 3rd Manicurist
movie 1914 When East Met West in Boston
movie 1914 With His Hands as Mary Wales
movie 1913 A Concerto for the Violin as Madame Nada Malinsky - Violinist
movie 1913 A Daughter of Romany as Mona
movie 1913 A Youthful Knight as Tom's Mother
movie 1913 Flood Tide as Connie Lee
movie 1913 Keepers of the Flock as Ellen
movie 1913 Leonie as Muriel Glenn
movie 1913 Mary Stuart as Queen Elizabeth
movie 1913 The Ambassador's Daughter as Helen, the Ambassador's daughter
movie 1913 The Coast Guard's Sister as Fay Trevenna
movie 1913 The Desperate Condition of Mr. Boggs
movie 1913 The Doctor's Duty
movie 1913 The Foreman's Treachery as Anna Lloyd
movie 1913 The Heart of Valeska as Valeska
movie 1913 The Man Who Wouldn't Marry as Buckley's 2nd Sweetheart
movie 1913 The New Day's Dawn as Mabel Wynne
movie 1913 The Pied Piper of Hamelin
movie 1913 The Portrait as Jeanette - the American Art Student
movie 1913 The Princess and the Man as Princess Margaret
movie 1913 The Stolen Plans as Miss Ashmay
movie 1913 The Stroke of the Phoebus Eight as Violet Lanby
movie 1913 The Will of the People as The Mayor's Wife
movie 1913 While John Bolt Slept as John Bolt's Wife
movie 1913 Who Will Marry Mary?
movie 1912 A Clue to Her Parentage as Nell Benson
movie 1912 A Letter to the Princess as Princess Ida
movie 1912 A Man in the Making as Dick's Sweetheart
movie 1912 A Romance of the Ice Fields as Jess - the Landlady's Daughter
movie 1912 A Suffragette in Spite of Himself as The Lady
movie 1912 Children Who Labor as Louise Hanscomb
movie 1912 Eleanor Cuyler as Eleanore Cuyler
movie 1912 Fog as Lady Cecily
movie 1912 He Swore Off Smoking as Mrs. Jones
movie 1912 Helping John as Edith Winter
movie 1912 Her Face as The Lawyer - Poet's Object of Attention
movie 1912 Jack and the Beanstalk as Jack's Mother
movie 1912 Jim's Wife as Nell - Jim's Wife
movie 1912 Lady Clare as Lady Clare
movie 1912 Martin Chuzzlewit as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1912 Mother and Daughters as Mother
movie 1912 My Double and How He Undid Me as Mrs. Ingham
movie 1912 Nerves and the Man as Tom's Wife
movie 1912 The Artist and the Brain Specialist as The Sick Artist's Wife
movie 1912 The Bank President's Son as Edith - Jack's Sweetheart
movie 1912 The Boss of Lumber Camp Number Four as Florence Warner - the Daughter
movie 1912 The Boy and the Girl as The Mother
movie 1912 The Close of the American Revolution
movie 1912 The Corsican Brothers as Emilie de Lesparre
movie 1912 The Foundling as The Vicar's Daughter
movie 1912 The Guilty Party as Nettie
movie 1912 The Heir Apparent as Clara Langham - Prince Rudolph's Sweetheart
movie 1912 The High Cost of Living as Mildred Lord - the Daughter
movie 1912 The Jewels as A Great Actress
movie 1912 The Little Artist of the Market as The Architect's Wife
movie 1912 The Little Organist as Mrs. Cleves - Helen's Sister
movie 1912 The Lord and the Peasant
movie 1912 The New Squire as The Farmer's Niece
movie 1912 The Passer-By as Lucille - The Bridegroom's Mother
movie 1912 The Sunset Gun as The Old Soldier's Daughter
movie 1912 What Happened to Mary as A Spy
movie 1911 A Lesson Learned as The Wife
movie 1911 A Man for All That as The Ranchman's Wife
movie 1911 Aida
movie 1911 An Island Comedy as Miriam
movie 1911 An Old Sweetheart of Mine as The Old Sweetheart
movie 1911 Betty's Buttons as Betty's Mother
movie 1911 Bob and Rowdy as Bob's Mother
movie 1911 Captain Barnacle's Baby as The Wife
movie 1911 Captain Nell as Captain Nell of the Salvation Army
movie 1911 Edna's Imprisonment
movie 1911 Friday the 13th as Mrs. Gayton
movie 1911 Hearts and Flags
movie 1911 His Misjudgment as The Wife
movie 1911 Home as Mrs. Carter
movie 1911 How Mrs. Murray Saved the American Army as Mrs. Murray
movie 1911 How Spriggins Took Lodgers as The Major's Wife
movie 1911 Mary's Masquerade as Mrs. Van Cort - Mary's Aunt
movie 1911 Monsieur
movie 1911 The Awakening of John Bond as Mrs. John Bond
movie 1911 The Child and the Tramp as The Child's Mother
movie 1911 The Declaration of Independence as Mrs. John Adams
movie 1911 The Ghost's Warning as Stephanie - The Prince's Bride
movie 1911 The Girl and the Motor Boat as The Girl's Mother
movie 1911 The Minute Man
movie 1911 The New Church Carpet as Mrs. Wilson - the Farmer's Wife
movie 1911 The Niece and the Chorus Lady as The Wife
movie 1911 The Price of a Man as Mrs. Helen Johnson
movie 1911 The Question Mark as Undetermined Role
movie 1911 The Rajah
movie 1911 The Reform Candidate as Gertrude Greer - Curtis' Daughter
movie 1911 The Story of the Indian Ledge as White Arrow
movie 1911 The Three Musketeers: Part 1 as The Queen
movie 1911 The Three Musketeers: Part 2 as The Queen
movie 1911 The Unfinished Letter as Mrs. Robert Brooks
movie 1911 The Winds of Fate as Mrs. James Norton
movie 1911 Then You'll Remember Me as Mrs. John Grayson
movie 1911 Turned to the Wall
movie 1910 Pigs Is Pigs
movie 1908 Saved by Love

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