Mitch Hara

Mitch Hara Filmography

tv movie 2014 Mentor as Joe
video movie 2010 Flexing with Monty as Gay Man
movie 2009 Transylmania as Boy
tv movie 2006 The Room as Jarred Rosenberg
movie 2001 10 Attitudes as Tony
movie 2001 Cahoots as Waiter
movie 2001 Horrible Accident as Sonny
movie 1995 Born Wild as Hitchhiker
movie 1995 The Killers Within
movie 1995 The Wacky Adventures of Dr. Boris and Nurse Shirley
movie 1994 Killing Obsession as Drag Queen
movie 1994 Skins as Vendor
movie 1992 Blazeland as The Blaze
tv movie 1991 K-9000 as Dijon
movie 1991 The Art of Dying as Latin Jerry
movie 1988 Feds as Thief
tv movie 1979 Fast Friends as Terry

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"Hell is Love at it's worst... over and over and over... " JENNA LEE, ROZ COHN & JEFFREY FROST Directed and Edited by MARY THOMPSON & MITCH HARA ...