Monte Montague

Monte Montague (23 April 1891 ? 6 April 1959) was an American film actor. He appeared in over 190 films between 1920 and 1954. ... more on Wikipedia

Monte Montague Filmography

tv movie 1990 Dick Tracy as Clancy - Stevens' Aide
tv movie 1966 Torpedo of Doom as Jacobs - Thug
movie 1956 Showdown at Abilene as Will Moore
movie 1956 The Fastest Gun Alive
movie 1954 Border River as Bartender
movie 1953 Calamity Jane as Pete
movie 1953 Column South as Driver
movie 1953 Cow Country as Mac
movie 1953 Gunsmoke as Superintendant
movie 1953 The Great Sioux Uprising as Tom
movie 1953 The Man from the Alamo as Franklin Citizen
movie 1953 Thunder Over the Plains as Radford
movie 1952 Horizons West as Doctor
movie 1952 Lost in Alaska
movie 1952 No Room for the Groom as Conductor
movie 1952 The Duel at Silver Creek as Bar Patron
movie 1952 The Last Musketeer as Matt Becker
movie 1952 The Raiders as Gunsmith
movie 1952 Untamed Frontier as Townsman
movie 1951 Apache Drums as Rancher
movie 1951 Oh! Susanna as Rusher Driver
movie 1951 Saddle Legion as Jackson
movie 1951 Vengeance Valley
movie 1950 Brooklyn Buckaroos as Bartender
movie 1950 Cody of the Pony Express as Jesse's Grandfather
movie 1950 Frenchie as Barfly
movie 1950 Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone as O'Malley Ranch Hand
movie 1950 Rock Island Trail as Yard Boss
movie 1950 Singing Guns
movie 1950 Sunset in the West as Engineer- & Fireman-Finder
movie 1950 The Fargo Phantom as Bill Watson
movie 1950 The Savage Horde as Rancher
movie 1950 Western Courage as Gunsmith
movie 1949 Bandits of El Dorado as El Raton Barfly
movie 1949 Brothers in the Saddle as Stagecoach Driver
movie 1949 Rustlers as Rancher
movie 1949 The Last Bandit as Engineer
movie 1949 The Pecos Pistol as Harris
movie 1949 West of Laramie as Sheriff Simmy
movie 1948 Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' as Man in Café
movie 1948 Gun Smugglers as Marshal
movie 1948 Moonrise as Hunter
movie 1948 Station West as Brawl Spectator
movie 1948 Tap Roots as Piroqueman
movie 1948 The Plunderers as Deputy
movie 1948 The Velvet Touch
movie 1948 Western Heritage as Rogers
movie 1947 Jesse James Rides Again as Henchman
movie 1947 The Vigilantes Return as Henchman
movie 1947 The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap as Barfly
movie 1946 Badman's Territory as Bartender
movie 1945 The Daltons Ride Again as Bartender
movie 1944 Raiders of Ghost City as Stage Driver #3
movie 1943 Fighting Frontier as Henchman Pete
movie 1943 The Fighting Devil Dogs as Jacobs - Thug Spying at Warfield House, later Phoney Chauffeur
movie 1943 Wagon Wheels West as Simon Bannion - edited from 'Song of the Saddle'
movie 1942 Here We Go Again as Wagon Driver
movie 1942 Man from Cheyenne as Cattleman Official
movie 1942 Raiders of the Range as Henchman
movie 1942 Romance on the Range as Stolen-Furs Reporter
movie 1942 Stand By All Networks as George
movie 1942 Stardust on the Sage as Henchman Cooper
movie 1942 Sunset Serenade as Henchman Monte
movie 1942 The Cyclone Kid as Sheriff
movie 1942 The Navy Comes Through as Third Mate
movie 1942 The Phantom Plainsmen as Muller
movie 1942 Thundering Hoofs as Henchman Slick
movie 1942 Westward Ho as Henchman
movie 1941 Along the Rio Grande as Henchman Kirby
movie 1941 Back in the Saddle as Dealer Blackjack
movie 1941 Barnacle Bill as Dolan
movie 1941 Billy the Kid as Man with Rifle at Second-Floor Window
movie 1941 Cyclone on Horseback as Randall, Wayne Henchman
movie 1941 Dude Cowboy as Henchman
movie 1941 Honky Tonk as Miner
movie 1941 King of the Texas Rangers as Dade
movie 1941 Red River Valley as Mechanic
movie 1941 The Apache Kid as Sheriff
movie 1941 The Singing Hill as Rancher
movie 1940 Colorado as Gold Crown Saloon Bartender
movie 1940 Legion of the Lawless as Borden
movie 1940 Prairie Law as Sam Sully
movie 1940 Slightly Tempted as Pullman Conductor
movie 1940 The Border Legion as Joe
movie 1940 The Green Hornet as Traffic Cop
movie 1940 Virginia City as Wells Fargo Stage Driver
movie 1940 Wagon Train as Henchman Kurt
movie 1940 Young Bill Hickok as Charlie Majors
movie 1939 Allegheny Uprising as Morris
movie 1939 Arizona Legion as Buck Dawson
movie 1939 Code of the Streets as Lieutenant Carson
movie 1939 Daredevils of the Red Circle as Tom
movie 1939 Dick Tracy's G-Men as Bayside Dock Thug
movie 1939 Frontier Pony Express as Henchman at Pine Ridge Station
movie 1939 I Was a Convict as Guard
movie 1939 Racketeers of the Range as Joe Larkin
movie 1939 Sales Slips
movie 1939 The Lone Ranger Rides Again as Tucker
movie 1939 The Marshal of Mesa City as Bert
movie 1939 The Phantom Creeps as Airplane Mechanic
movie 1939 The Rookie Cop as Tom Hadley
movie 1939 Timber Stampede as Jake
movie 1939 Trouble in Sundown as Henchman Tex
movie 1938 Dick Tracy Returns as Sam
movie 1938 Little Tough Guy as Cop at Pharmacy
movie 1938 Pals of the Saddle as Henchman at Acme Salt Refinery
movie 1938 Prison Break as Hiring Boss
movie 1938 Red Barry as Vaudevillian
movie 1938 Riders of the Black Hills as Deputy Sam
movie 1938 The Buccaneer as Pirate
movie 1938 The Fighting Devil Dogs as Jacobs
movie 1938 The Law West of Tombstone as Clayt McQuinn
movie 1938 The Nurse from Brooklyn as Guard
movie 1938 The Overland Express as Pat
movie 1938 The Painted Stallion as Tanner
movie 1938 The Renegade Ranger as Henchman Monte
movie 1938 The Storm as Waiter
movie 1937 Border Cafe as 3rd Rustler
movie 1937 Dick Tracy as Clancy Fosse
movie 1937 Girl Overboard as Cop
movie 1937 Git Along Little Dogies as Challenging Barfly
movie 1937 Guns of the Pecos as Luke, Blake's Henchman
movie 1937 Jungle Jim as Bartender
movie 1937 Larceny on the Air as Henchman
movie 1937 Night Key as Henchman
movie 1937 Radio Patrol as James Pollard
movie 1937 Roll Along, Cowboy as Bixby
movie 1937 The Californian as Bradford
movie 1937 The Man Who Found Himself as Mechanic
movie 1937 The Painted Stallion as Tanner
movie 1937 Wells Fargo as Prospector
movie 1937 Wild West Days as Silver Dollar Saloon Bartender
movie 1936 Flash Gordon as Ming Soldier
movie 1936 Four Days' Wonder as Truck Driver
movie 1936 Jailbreak as Laundry Room Convict
movie 1936 Magnificent Brute
movie 1936 Parole! as Guard
movie 1936 Phantom of Santa Fe as Henchman
movie 1936 Show Boat as Old Man
movie 1936 Song of the Saddle as Simon Bannion
movie 1936 The Adventures of Frank Merriwell as Monte
movie 1936 Trailin' West as Joe
movie 1936 Treachery Rides the Range as Henchman Nebraska
movie 1935 Alias Mary Dow as Ditch-Digger
movie 1935 Barbary Coast as Drunk
movie 1935 Manhattan Moon as Policeman
movie 1935 Mister Dynamite as Policeman
movie 1935 Outlawed Guns as Henchman
movie 1935 Remember Last Night? as Mechanic
movie 1935 She Gets Her Man as Butler
movie 1935 Square Shooter as Miller Rider
movie 1935 Stormy as Cowhand
movie 1935 The Affair of Susan as Bus Driver
movie 1935 The Rustlers of Red Dog as Pete
movie 1935 Bride of Frankenstein
movie 1935 The Raven
movie 1934 Rocky Rhodes as Henchman Jake
movie 1934 Tailspin Tommy as Cliff, Hefty Mechanic
movie 1934 The Red Rider as Al Abel, Portos Henchman
movie 1934 The Vanishing Shadow as Badger
movie 1933 Clancy of the Mounted as Lumberjack
movie 1933 Gordon of Ghost City as Bushwacker
movie 1933 Her First Mate as Helper
movie 1933 Perils of Pauline as Police Guard
movie 1933 Phantom of the Air as Mechanic
movie 1933 The Invisible Man as Cop
movie 1932 Afraid to Talk as Electrician
movie 1932 Come on Danger! as Man with Black Eye
movie 1932 Heroes of the West as Matt - Railroad Worker
movie 1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue as Workman
movie 1932 Texas Cyclone as Ott Randall
movie 1932 The Impatient Maiden as Ambulance Driver
movie 1932 The Shadow of the Eagle as Policeman
movie 1931 Finger Prints as Officer Rooney
movie 1931 Heroes of the Flames as Henchman
movie 1931 Quick Trigger Lee as Sam Wales
movie 1931 Spell of the Circus as Totto
movie 1930 The Bearded Lady as The Fire Eater
movie 1930 The Indians Are Coming as Bartender [Chs. 3 & 4]
movie 1930 The Lonesome Trail as Gila Red
movie 1930 Trigger Tricks as Nick Dalgus
movie 1929 Courtin' Wildcats as McLaren
movie 1929 Eyes of the Underworld as Gardener
movie 1929 King of the Rodeo as Weasel
movie 1929 Slim Fingers as Valet
movie 1929 The Ace of Scotland Yard as Jarvis
movie 1929 The Body Punch as Manager
movie 1929 The Charlatan as Cop
movie 1929 The Diamond Master as Van's Manservant
movie 1929 The Tip Off as Negro
movie 1929 Wolves of the City as Roscoe Jones
movie 1928 Clearing the Trail as Tramp
movie 1928 The Air Patrol as Professor Simeon Swivel
movie 1928 The Danger Rider as Scar Bailey
movie 1928 The Gate Crasher as Crook
movie 1928 The Noose as Guard
movie 1928 The Price of Fear as Monte
movie 1928 The Scarlet Arrow
movie 1928 The Wild West Show as Bill's Sidekick
movie 1927 Blake of Scotland Yard as Jarvis
movie 1927 Hey! Hey! Cowboy as Hank Mander
movie 1927 Range Courage as Bart Allan
movie 1927 Rough and Ready as 'Rawhide' Barton
movie 1927 Somewhere in Sonora as 'Kettle Belly' Simpson
movie 1927 Spurs and Saddles as Stage Driver
movie 1927 The Rambling Ranger as Sheriff Boy
movie 1926 One Man Trail
movie 1926 The Mystery Club as Snaky
movie 1926 The Radio Detective
movie 1926 The Wild Horse Stampede as Henchman
movie 1925 Bashful Whirlwind as Henchman
movie 1925 The Ace of Spades as Henchman
movie 1925 The Great Circus Mystery
movie 1925 The Scarlet Streak as Butler
movie 1923 The Secret of the Pueblo
movie 1922 A Western Demon as Joe Dalton
movie 1922 Defying the Law
movie 1922 Peaceful Peters as 'Cactus' Collins
movie 1922 The Three Buckaroos as Athor
movie 1920 Elmo the Fearless
movie 1920 The Flaming Disc as Bat

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