Monty Banks

Montague (Monty) Banks (18 July 1897 ? 7 January 1950 born Mario Bianchi in Cesena, Italy) was a comedian and film director. In the 1920s, he worked in Hollywood, starring in many silent short comedies and in the feature-length action thriller Play Safe (1927). A large excerpt from this movie is included in Robert Youngson's compilation film Days of Thrills and Laughter (1961). With the arrival of sound films, Banks's strong Italian accent forced him to phase out his acting career in favor ... more on Wikipedia

Monty Banks Filmography

video movie 2005 The Forgotten Films of Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle
movie 1961 Days of Thrills and Laughter as Himself
movie 1952 Elstree Story as Himself
movie 1951 Ça c'est du cinéma
movie 1945 A Bell for Adano as Giuseppe
movie 1943 Good Old Corn
movie 1941 Blood and Sand as Antonio Lopez
movie 1941 Great Guns
movie 1940 Olympic Honeymoon as Orban
movie 1939 Shipyard Sally
movie 1938 Keep Smiling as Auditioner
movie 1938 We're Going to Be Rich
movie 1936 Queen of Hearts as Montague Banking
movie 1936 Keep Your Seats, Please
movie 1935 Falling in Love as Film Director
movie 1935 Man of the Moment as Doctor
movie 1935 No Limit
movie 1935 So You Won't Talk as Tony
movie 1935 18 Minutes
movie 1935 Hello, Sweetheart
movie 1934 The Church Mouse as Harry Blump, the Window Washer
movie 1934 The Girl in Possession as Caruso
movie 1934 Father and Son
movie 1933 Heads We Go as Chauffeur
movie 1933 Leave It to Me
movie 1933 You Made Me Love You as Taxi Driver
movie 1932 For the Love of Mike
movie 1932 Hold 'Em Jail as Timekeeper
movie 1932 Kiss Me Sergeant
movie 1932 Money for Nothing as Minor Role
movie 1932 Tonight's the Night: Pass It On as Convict
movie 1932 The Tenderfoot
movie 1932 L'amour et la veine
movie 1931 Old Soldiers Never Die as Undetermined Role
movie 1931 The Wife's Family
movie 1931 What a Night!
movie 1931 Poor Old Bill
movie 1930 Not So Quiet on the Western Front
movie 1930 The Compulsory Husband as Monty
movie 1930 Almost a Honeymoon
movie 1930 Eve's Fall
movie 1930 His First Car
movie 1930 The Black Hand Gang
movie 1930 The Jerry Builders
movie 1930 The Musical Beauty Shop
movie 1930 The New Waiter
movie 1930 Why Sailors Leave Home
movie 1929 Atlantic as Dandy
movie 1929 Week-End Wives as Max Ammon
movie 1928 A Perfect Gentleman as Monty Brooks
movie 1928 Adam's Apple as Monty Adams
movie 1928 Cocktails
movie 1927 Chasing Choo Choos as The Boy
movie 1927 Flying Luck as The Boy
movie 1927 Horse Shoes as Monty Milde
movie 1927 Play Safe as The Boy
movie 1926 Atta Boy as Monty Milde
movie 1925 Africa F.O.B. as The Stranger
movie 1925 Keep Smiling as The Boy
movie 1925 Amateur Night in London
movie 1924 Boy in Blue
movie 1924 Hot Sands
movie 1924 Pay or Move as Monty
movie 1924 Racing Luck as Mario, The Boy
movie 1924 The Golf Bug as Monty
movie 1924 Wedding Bells as The Groom
movie 1923 Always Late
movie 1923 Cold Reception
movie 1923 East Is Worst
movie 1923 Hangin' Around
movie 1923 Oil's Well
movie 1923 Paging Love
movie 1923 Quiet Vacation
movie 1923 Taxi Please
movie 1923 The Covered Schooner as The Boy
movie 1923 The Southbound Limited
movie 1922 Brilliantine the Bull Fighter
movie 1922 Love Taps
movie 1922 Pure But Simple
movie 1922 Six A.M.
movie 1921 A Bedroom Scandal
movie 1921 Bride and Gloom
movie 1921 Cleaned and Dry
movie 1921 Fresh Air
movie 1921 His Dizzy Day
movie 1921 His First Honeymoon
movie 1921 In and Out
movie 1921 Kidnapper's Revenge
movie 1921 Peaceful Alley
movie 1921 Squirrel Food
movie 1921 Where Is My Wife?
movie 1920 A Hero 'n Everything
movie 1920 Don't Park Here as A Rival
movie 1920 Duck Inn
movie 1920 Flivver Wedding
movie 1920 His Naughty Night
movie 1920 Nearly Married
movie 1920 Rare Bird
movie 1919 Camping Out
movie 1919 Love as Farmhand
movie 1919 One Night Only as Property Man
movie 1919 The Grocery Clerk as The Tow Gusher, a 'He Vamp'
movie 1919 Too Much Johnson as Leon Dathis
movie 1918 A Scrap of Paper as Soldier
movie 1918 Roaring Lions on the Midnight Express
movie 1918 The Geaser of Berlin as The Doughboy
movie 1918 The Sheriff
movie 1917 A Warm Reception
movie 1917 Aired in Court
movie 1917 His Criminal Career
movie 1917 His Hidden Talent as The Crook
movie 1917 His Widow's Might
movie 1917 Roaring Lions and Wedding Bells
movie 1917 The Girl and the Ring
movie 1916 Cold Hearts and Hot Flames as Messenger Boy
movie 1916 The Purple Mask as Jacques, Patricia's Butler

Monty Banks on Youtube

After much bribery we manage to get Monty and Banks into the trailer for the first time. Here they are enjoying their breakfast as a reward.

The very funny Monty Banks.

Monty plays pianos in the parks in Seattle summer of 2014.

Joe Ross and the Birdwatchers LIVE at Beer Fest. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen and Choo Choo Ch' Boogie Joe Ross (guitar, vocals) Sean Wheatley (bass, vocals) ...