Moore Marriott

Moore Marriott (14 September 1885 ? 11 December 1949) was a British character actor most notable for a series of films he made with Will Hay in the 1930s. ... more on Wikipedia

Moore Marriott Filmography

movie 1977 To See Such Fun as Himself
movie 1949 High Jinks in Society as Grandpa
movie 1949 The History of Mr. Polly as Uncle Pentstemon
movie 1947 Green Fingers as Pickles
movie 1947 The Hills of Donegal as Old Jake
movie 1947 The Root of All Evil as Scholes
movie 1946 Green for Danger as Joseph Higgins
movie 1945 A Place of One's Own as George
movie 1945 I'll Be Your Sweetheart as George Le Brunn
movie 1945 The Agitator as Ben Duckett
movie 1944 Don't Take It to Heart as Granfer
movie 1944 It Happened One Sunday as Porter
movie 1944 Time Flies as A Soothsayer
movie 1943 Millions Like Us as Jim
movie 1942 Back-Room Boy as Jerry
movie 1941 Gasbags as Jerry Jenkins
movie 1941 Hi Gang! as Uncle Jerry
movie 1941 I Thank You as Pop Bennett
movie 1940 Band Waggon as Jasper
movie 1940 Charley's (Big-Hearted) Aunt as Jerry
movie 1940 Where's That Fire? as Jeremiah Harbottle
movie 1939 A Girl Must Live as Bretherton Hythe
movie 1939 Ask a Policeman as Constable Jeremiah Harbottle
movie 1939 Cheer Boys Cheer as Geordie
movie 1939 The Frozen Limits as Tom Tiddler
movie 1938 Convict 99 as Jerry the Mole
movie 1938 Held for Ransom as Sam Hathaway
movie 1938 Old Bones of the River as Jerry Harbottle
movie 1938 Owd Bob as Samuel
movie 1937 Feather Your Nest as Mr. Jenkins
movie 1937 Fifty-Shilling Boxer as Tim Regan
movie 1937 Intimate Relations as Toomley
movie 1937 Night Ride as Miner
movie 1937 Oh, Mr. Porter! as Jeremiah Harbottle
movie 1937 The Fatal Hour as Dixon
movie 1937 Victoria the Great as Train Driver
movie 1936 Accused as Dubec
movie 1936 As You Like It as Denis
movie 1936 Luck of the Turf as Mr. Jackson
movie 1936 Strange Cargo as Captain Burch
movie 1936 Talk of the Devil as Dart Thrower
movie 1936 The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss as Edwards
movie 1936 Wednesday's Luck as Nobby
movie 1936 What the Puppy Said as Sir John
movie 1936 When Knights Were Bold as The Tramp
movie 1936 Windbag the Sailor as Jeremiah Harbottle
movie 1935 Dandy Dick as Stableboy
movie 1935 Drake of England as Bright
movie 1935 Gay Old Dog as George Bliss
movie 1935 The Half-Day Excursion as Captain
movie 1935 The Man Without a Face as Tinker John
movie 1935 Turn of the Tide as Tindal Fosdyck
movie 1935 What the Parrot Saw
movie 1934 A Political Party as Jim Turner
movie 1934 Faces as Robert Pelham
movie 1934 Girls Please! as Oldest Inhabitant
movie 1934 Nell Gwyn as Robin
movie 1934 The Feathered Serpent as Harry Hugg
movie 1934 The Scoop as Jim Stewart
movie 1933 A Moorland Tragedy as The Old Man
movie 1933 Dora as Thomas Henry Jones
movie 1933 Hawley's of High Street as Mr. Busworth
movie 1933 Love's Old Sweet Song as Old Tom
movie 1933 Lucky Blaze as Sir James Benson
movie 1933 Money for Speed as Shorty
movie 1933 The Crime at Blossoms as Driver
movie 1933 The House of Trent as Ferrier
movie 1932 Dance Pretty Lady as Mr. Raeburn
movie 1932 Heroes of the Mine as Gaffer
movie 1932 Little Waitress as Baron Halfsburg
movie 1932 Mr. Bill the Conqueror as Tom Turtle
movie 1932 Nine Till Six as Doorman
movie 1932 The Crooked Lady as Crabby
movie 1932 The Sign of Four: Sherlock Holmes' Greatest Case as Mordecai Smith
movie 1932 The Water Gipsies as Mr. Pewtar
movie 1932 The Wonderful Story as Zacky Richards
movie 1931 Aroma of the South Seas as The King
movie 1931 The Lyons Mail as Choppard
movie 1931 Up for the Cup as James Hardcastle
movie 1930 Kissing Cup's Race as Joe Tricker
movie 1929 Kitty
movie 1929 Mr. Smith Wakes Up as Mr. Smith
movie 1929 The Flying Scotsman as Bob White
movie 1929 The Lady from the Sea as Old Roberts
movie 1929 Widecombe Fair as Uncle Tom Cobleigh
movie 1928 Huntingtower as Speidel
movie 1928 Sweeney Todd as Sweeney Todd
movie 1928 The Burglar and the Girl as The Burglar
movie 1928 Toni as Meyer
movie 1928 Victory as Seth Lee
movie 1927 Carry On! as Mick Trevorn
movie 1927 Passion Island as Beppo
movie 1927 Second to None as Bill Hyde
movie 1927 The Silver Lining as Gypsy
movie 1926 Cash on Delivery as Mr. Popple
movie 1926 Every Mother's Son as Nobby
movie 1926 Goose and Stuffing as Orace
movie 1926 London Love as Aaron Levinsky
movie 1926 Mined and Counter-Mined as Orace
movie 1926 Regaining the Wind
movie 1926 The Greater War as Lucas
movie 1926 The Happy Rascals as Orace
movie 1926 The Little Shop in Fore Street as Orace
movie 1925 A Madonna of the Cells
movie 1925 Afraid of Love as Father
movie 1925 Confessions as Hardy
movie 1925 King of the Castle as Peter Coffin
movie 1925 The Gold Cure as Janbois
movie 1925 The Only Man as The Husband
movie 1925 The Qualified Adventurer as Bosun
movie 1925 There's Many a Slip
movie 1924 Dixon's Return as Bob Dixon
movie 1924 Lawyer Quince as Quince
movie 1924 Not for Sale as Solicitor
movie 1924 Ordeal by Golf as Reverend Heeza Jones
movie 1924 The Affair at the Novelty Theatre
movie 1924 The Clicking of Cuthbert as Vladimir Brusiloff
movie 1924 The Conspirators as Morris
movie 1924 The Long Hole as Grocer
movie 1924 The Mating of Marcus as Reverend Cheffins
movie 1923 An Odd Freak as Beauty
movie 1923 The Monkey's Paw as John White
movie 1922 The Head of the Family as Mate
movie 1921 Three Men in a Van as Mudley
movie 1920 Mary Latimer, Nun as Dickey Stubbs
movie 1920 The Grip of Iron as Smiler
movie 1920 The Winding Road as Jed Sterrett
movie 1916 Grim Justice as Grandfather Transom
movie 1915 By the Shortest of Heads as Captain Fields
movie 1914 His Sister's Honour
movie 1912 A Maid of the Alps

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