Mrs. Lewis McCord

Mrs. Lewis McCord Filmography

movie 1918 Sunshine Nan as Undetermined Role
movie 1917 Ghost House as Dido
movie 1917 On Record
movie 1917 The Golden Fetter as Big Annie
movie 1917 Those Without Sin
movie 1916 Common Ground as Housekeeper
movie 1916 The Dream Girl as Character Woman
movie 1916 The Heart of Nora Flynn as Maggie The Cook
movie 1916 The Race as Mrs. Jefferson
movie 1916 The Ragamuffin as Mary
movie 1916 Unprotected as Convict Mattie Rowe
movie 1915 Armstrong's Wife as Landlady
movie 1915 Chimmie Fadden as Mrs. Fadden, Their Mother
movie 1915 Chimmie Fadden Out West as Mother Fadden
movie 1915 Kindling as Mrs. Bates
movie 1915 Stolen Goods
movie 1915 The Chorus Lady as Landlady
movie 1915 The Country Boy as Mrs. Bannon
movie 1915 The Immigrant as Stewardess
movie 1915 The Marriage of Kitty as Annie
movie 1915 The Warrens of Virginia as Sapho
movie 1915 The Wild Goose Chase as Minor Role
movie 1915 Young Romance as Landlady
movie 1914 Rose of the Rancho as Senora Espinoza
movie 1914 The Virginian as Mrs. Balaam
movie 1914 Trapped in the Great Metropolis as Theresa
movie 1912 The Caricature of a Face as George's Mother-in-Law