Murray Roman

Murray Roman (March 8, 1929 ? November 6, 1973) was an American stand-up comedian whose career was cut short by a car crash. Many[who?] consider his style, and material, to be similar to Lenny Bruce. ... more on Wikipedia

Murray Roman Filmography

movie 1969 2000 Years Later as Superdude

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Comedy by the Late Murray Roman- You Can't Beat People Up & Have Them Say I Love You.

Another Murray Roman album: A Blind Man's Movie. A big thanks to WestCoastFred for passing the link onto me. In best Douglas Adams tradition it's a trilogy, ... - Comedian Roman Murray at the Improv -

ColeWorld Theology. Special Thanks to all who helped on the video including: Jimmy Daus, Joshua Murray, Roman Sisto, Emmanuel Sion, Samir Nileshwar, ...