Myrtle Gonzalez

Myrtle Gonzalez (September 28, 1891 ? October 22, 1918) was an American actress. She starred in at least 78 silent era motion pictures from 1913 to 1917, of which 66 were one and two-reel shorts. She is regarded as Hollywood's first Latin and Hispanic movie star actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Myrtle Gonzalez Filmography

movie 1917 God's Crucible as Virginia Phillips
movie 1917 Mutiny as Esther Whitaker
movie 1917 Southern Justice as Carolyn Dillon
movie 1917 The Greater Law as Barbara Henderson
movie 1917 The Show Down as Lydia Benson
movie 1916 A Romance of Billy Goat Hill as Miss Lady
movie 1916 Bill's Wife as Sally Smith
movie 1916 Fool's Gold
movie 1916 Grouches and Smiles
movie 1916 Her Dream Man as Helen Wakefield
movie 1916 Her Great Part
movie 1916 Her Greatest Story as Mazie King
movie 1916 It Happened in Honolulu as Mabel Wyland
movie 1916 Lonesomeness as Kitty Gordon
movie 1916 Miss Blossom
movie 1916 Missy as Missy
movie 1916 The Brink
movie 1916 The End of the Rainbow as Ruth Bennett
movie 1916 The Gambler
movie 1916 The Girl of Lost Lake as Jude Clark
movie 1916 The Heart of Bonita as Bonita Romero
movie 1916 The Pinnacle
movie 1916 The Secret Foe as Mary Page
movie 1916 The Secret of the Swamp as Emily Burke
movie 1916 The Thief of the Desert
movie 1916 The Unexpected Scoop
movie 1916 The Windward Anchor as Mrs. Jamison
movie 1916 The Wise Man and the Fool as Myrtle Elliott
movie 1915 A Child of the North as Lillian Baker
movie 1915 A Natural Man as Rose - Karl's Sweetheart
movie 1915 A Scandal in Hickville as Kate Long - John's Sister
movie 1915 All on Account of Towser as Bessie
movie 1915 Does It End Right? as Vilma Vaudri
movie 1915 Her Last Flirtation as Florence
movie 1915 His Golden Grain as Elsie
movie 1915 Inside Facts as Madge Van Zant
movie 1915 The Bride of the Nancy Lee as Myrtle Fairchild
movie 1915 The Chalice of Courage as Enid Maitland
movie 1915 The Ebony Casket
movie 1915 The Game of Life as Madge Wilson
movie 1915 The Legend of the Lone Tree
movie 1915 The Man from the Desert as Spencer's Daughter
movie 1915 The Quarrel as Mrs. Jiggs
movie 1915 The Repentance of Dr. Blinn
movie 1915 The Terrible Truth as Mary Anne Phelps
movie 1915 Through Troubled Waters
movie 1914 Anne of the Mines as Anne
movie 1914 Buffalo Jim as Grace Hawes
movie 1914 Captain Alvarez as Mercedes, Bonita's companion
movie 1914 Francine as Emeline
movie 1914 His Wife and His Work as Knowles' Wife
movie 1914 Love Will Out
movie 1914 Millions for Defence as Billie
movie 1914 Sisters
movie 1914 Tainted Money as Constance Bennett, John's Daughter
movie 1914 The Choice as Edith McKnight - the Smuggler's Daughter
movie 1914 The Ghosts as Phoebe Harvey
movie 1914 The Kiss as Helen - George's Fiancée
movie 1914 The Level as Carolyn Johnson
movie 1914 The Little Sheriff as Mary Turner - the Schoolteacher
movie 1914 The Masked Dancer as Alice Martin
movie 1914 The Power to Forgive as Pepita
movie 1914 The Sage-Brush Gal as Mary - Ted's Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Sea Gull as Sea Gull - the Panther's Wife
movie 1914 The Winner Wins as Virginia Nelson
movie 1914 The Yaqui's Revenge
movie 1914 Their Interest in Common as Mary
movie 1914 Tony, the Greaser as Mary Blake
movie 1914 Ward's Claim as Shirley Ward
movie 1913 Any Port in a Storm
movie 1913 Deception as Virginia Scott
movie 1913 Her Husband's Friend as Margaret Craig
movie 1913 Sacrifice as Bessie Lane
movie 1913 Salvation Sal as Salvation Sal
movie 1913 The Courage of the Commonplace as Julia Cameron - the Younger Daughter
movie 1913 The Spell as May - a Friend of Mary's
movie 1913 The Uprising of Ann as Kitty - the Teacher
movie 1913 The White Feather as Alice Lee
movie 1913 The Yellow Streak
movie 1913 Thieves as Myrtle - Hasting's Ward

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