Nadia Dajani

Nadia Dajani (born on December 26, 1965 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress. For two seasons (1995-1997), she starred as Amanda Moyer in the Fox-TV sitcom, "Ned & Stacey". She has had roles in films like Happy Accidents (2000). She has also appeared in Emily's Reasons Why Not and Delocated, as well as successful appearances on Aaron Sorkin projects such as Tina Lake on Sports Night and as the First Lady's Chief of Staff, Lily Mays, on The West Wing. ... more on Wikipedia

Nadia Dajani Filmography

movie 2014 A Bet's a Bet as Nancy
movie 2014 Take Care as Fallon
tv movie 2011 A Mann's World as Sheila
movie 2011 Stuck Between Stations as Sheila
tv movie 2011 The Lost Valentine as Julie Oliver
movie 2010 A Little Help as Angela Behar
movie 2010 Civil Unions: A Love Story
movie 2010 Meet My Boyfriend!!!
movie 2009 Bob Funk as Jean
movie 2008 Gone to the Dogs as Bianca
tv movie 2008 Play or Be Played as Rebecca Crowell
tv movie 2008 Untitled Dave Caplan Pilot as Lisa
tv series 2008 Puppy Love as Bianca
tv movie 2006 Welcome to the Jungle Gym as Suzanne
movie 2005 Alchemy as Jane
movie 2005 Game 6 as Renee Simons
tv movie 2005 Untitled David Diamond/David Weissman Project
tv movie 2003 My Life with Men as Genevieve
movie 2003 This Is Not a Film as Nadia
movie 2003 View from the Top as Paige
movie 2002 Balkanization as Nadia Harding
movie 2002 You Stupid Man as Jasmine
movie 2001 Sidewalks of New York as Hilary
movie 2000 Happy Accidents as Gretchen
tv movie 2000 Sherman's March as Nina
movie 1999 Seven Girlfriends as Naomi
movie 1997 Dinner and Driving as Samantha
movie 1997 Tupperware Party as Becca
movie 1996 Breathing Room as Claire
movie 1996 Flirting with Disaster as Jill
tv series 1991 A Woman Named Jackie as Christina Onassis

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