Nadine Helstroffer

Nadine Helstroffer Filmography

movie 2012 Ajar
movie 2011 Dream on Me
movie 2010 Sky Scraper
movie 2009 Absence Presence
movie 2008 Zephyr
movie 2006 Vajra Sky Over Tibet
video movie 2004 The Yatra Trilogy: Prajna Earth - Journey Into Sacred Nature

Nadine Helstroffer on Youtube

Trailer of DREAM ON ME, a dance film by director John Bush and choreographer Nadine Helstroffer, premiered at the Rubin Museum of Art - edited by Brent ...

Excerpts of Meeting in the Shimmer choreographed by Caryn Heilman, performed by Nadine Helstroffer, Nicole Sclafani, Michael Latham and Caryn Heilman ...