Natasha Alderslade

Natasha Alderslade Filmography

movie 2014 The Screaming Man as Mother
movie 2013 Cocoons as Julietta
movie 2013 Don't Miss the Cup as Jane
movie 2010 Turning as Mum
movie 2008 Lezione 21 as Young Woman
movie 2008 The Br√łken as Secretary
movie 2008 Work Experience as Armani Executive

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Cocoons is a drama with an edge of dark humour set in an off-kilter world where kids assume the role of grown-ups. At the centre of the story is Stella, an i...

"engaging and immediate" The Stage "undeniably beautiful" 4stars remotegoat Phaedra is consumed with an insatiable lust for her stepson Hippolytus.

Rules for the perfect party 1. No Gatecrashers 2. No family 3. No nudity 4. No secrets Denise's dream of a civilised gathering is smashed by the arrival of a...