Nathan A. Quattrini

Nathan A. Quattrini Filmography

video movie 2012 American Dreamers: Precious Time
movie 2012 Unholy Grail
movie 2012 Villanelle
movie 2011 Unattainable: A Ninja Story as Hostage
tv series 2011 Chase Belafonte's Working Title
video movie 2010 Atomic Brain Invasion as Slime Alien #1
movie 2009 American Chop Suey as Robber
movie 2009 Nun of That as Mohawk Punk
movie 2009 Sons of Lemuria as Asassin 'Daggers'
movie 2009 Five Minutes Flat

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Actors - Anthony Huang, David Lavallee Jr, Ian McLindon Filming & Editing - Nathan A. Quattrini Special Thanks - Stronghold Airsoft for the location http://s...

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