Ned Finley

Ned Finley Filmography

movie 1918 Buchanan's Wife as Kansas, a tramp
movie 1918 Mountain Law as O'Garry
movie 1918 O'Garry Rides Alone as O'Garry
movie 1918 The Man from Nowhere as O'Garry
movie 1918 The Menace as Morgan
movie 1918 The Raiders of Sunset Gap
movie 1918 The Return of O'Garry as O'Garry
movie 1917 Soldiers of Chance as Billy's Partner
movie 1917 The Blue Streak as The Sheriff
movie 1917 The Bottom of the Well as Capt. Jake Starke
movie 1917 The Little Terror as John Saunders
movie 1917 The White Raven as Miner
movie 1916 Britton of the Seventh as General George Custer
movie 1916 Myrtle the Manicurist
movie 1916 Out of the Quagmire
movie 1916 The Hunted Woman as Bill Quade
movie 1916 The Kid as Dunster
movie 1916 The Rookie
movie 1916 The Secret Kingdom
movie 1915 A Man's Sacrifice as Yellow Jake
movie 1915 Breaking In as 'Silent' Jones
movie 1915 From the Dregs as Private Roy AKA Convict 125
movie 1915 Hearts and the Highway as General Feversham
movie 1915 His Bunkie
movie 1915 Lifting the Ban of Coventry as Colonel H.E. Jenkins
movie 1915 O'Garry of the Royal Mounted as Clarry O'Garry
movie 1915 The Closing of the Circuit as Second in Command
movie 1915 The Enemies as Glasgow Mike
movie 1915 The Girl Who Might Have Been as Liggett - a Master Criminal
movie 1915 The Goddess as Gunsforf
movie 1915 The Making Over of Geoffrey Manning as Foreman
movie 1915 West Wind as Sullivan
movie 1914 Caught with the Goods as District Attorney Haddon
movie 1914 Chanler Rao, Criminal Expert as Chanler Rao
movie 1914 Children of the Feud as James Morton
movie 1914 Goodness Gracious
movie 1914 Local Color as Edward Fenton, an Actor
movie 1914 Officer Kate
movie 1914 Stage Struck as Mr. Blair
movie 1914 Steve O'Grady's Chance as Steve O'Grady
movie 1914 The Moonshine Maid and the Man as Dave - the Man
movie 1914 The Reward of Thrift as Bill Lafferty
movie 1914 The Tattoo Mark as The Marquis, a Crook
movie 1914 Second Sight
movie 1914 The Countess Veschi's Jewels
movie 1914 The Gang
movie 1913 'Mid Kentucky Hills as Ben Johnson
movie 1913 A Fighting Chance as Robert Wynn
movie 1913 A Game of Cards
movie 1913 A Heart of the Forest as Mr. Bowers
movie 1913 A Homespun Tragedy as Thompson
movie 1913 Brother Bill as Brother Bill
movie 1913 Bunny and the Bunny Hug as Tom Hawley - Winthrop's Friend
movie 1913 Dr. Crathern's Experiment as Dr. Crathern
movie 1913 Fortune's Turn as Tom Weyman
movie 1913 Hubby's Toothache as The Dentist
movie 1913 O'Hara as a Guardian Angel as Julius Blake
movie 1913 Song Bird of the North
movie 1913 The Carpenter
movie 1913 The Clown and the Prima Donna
movie 1913 The Cure as Dr. Harry Lindsay
movie 1913 The Drop of Blood
movie 1913 The Leading Lady as Jack
movie 1913 The Only Way as Bill Thomas - a Swindler
movie 1913 The Price of Thoughtlessness as The Safety Lecturer
movie 1913 The Strength of Men as Barry O'Geary
movie 1913 The Web as Lester Phillips
movie 1913 The Sixth Commandment
movie 1912 The Curio Hunters as One of Bill's Companions
movie 1911 The Leading Lady