Ned Glass

Ned Glass (April 1, 1906 ? June 15, 1984) was an American character actor who appeared in more than eighty films and on television more than one hundred times, frequently playing nervous, cowardly or weasely characters. Short and bald, with a slight hunch to his shoulders, he was immediately recognizable by his distinct appearance, his nasal voice, and his pronounced New York City accent. ... more on Wikipedia

Ned Glass Filmography

tv movie 2005 Watch the Skies!: Science Fiction, the 1950s and Us as Wardrobe Man
movie 1981 Street Music as Sam
tv movie 1979 Goldie and the Boxer as Al Levinsky
tv movie 1975 Crossfire as Bartender
tv movie 1975 Rosenthal and Jones as Nate Rosenthal
movie 1973 Save the Tiger as Sid Fivush
movie 1973 The All-American Boy as Arty Bale
tv movie 1972 Adventures of Nick Carter as Maxie
movie 1972 Lady Sings the Blues as The Agent
tv movie 1971 Enemies
tv movie 1971 Mongo's Back in Town as Freddie
tv movie 1970 The Movie Murderer as Hotel clerk
movie 1968 Blackbeard's Ghost as Teller
movie 1968 Never a Dull Moment as Rinzy Tobreski
movie 1968 The Love Bug as Toll Booth Attendant
tv movie 1967 Ready and Willing as Sammy
movie 1966 A Big Hand for the Little Lady as Owney Price
tv movie 1966 Good Old Days as Dad
movie 1966 The Fortune Cookie as Doc Schindler
movie 1965 Blindfold as Lippy
movie 1963 Charade as Leopold W. Gideon
movie 1963 Papa's Delicate Condition as Mr. Sparrow
movie 1962 Experiment in Terror as Popcorn
movie 1962 Kid Galahad as Max Lieberman
movie 1962 Who's Got the Action? as Baldy
movie 1961 West Side Story as Doc
movie 1959 North by Northwest as Ticket Seller
movie 1959 The Five Pennies as Murray
movie 1959 The Jayhawkers! as Storekeeper
movie 1959 The Last Angry Man as Butcher
movie 1959 The Rebel Set as Sidney Horner
movie 1958 King Creole as Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1957 Back from the Dead as The Doctor
movie 1957 Black Patch as Luke the Bar-Keep
movie 1957 Four Boys and a Gun as Landlord
movie 1957 Hear Me Good as Funk
movie 1957 Hot Rod Rumble as Auto Parts Dealer
movie 1957 The Joker Is Wild as Johnson
movie 1956 Flagpole Jitters as Svengarlic's Manager
movie 1956 Fright as Taxi Driver
movie 1954 The Steel Cage as Pete, the Guard
movie 1954 The Yellow Tomahawk as Willy
movie 1953 Geraldine as Agent
movie 1953 I Love Melvin as Theatre Manager
movie 1953 Jennifer as Grocery Clerk
movie 1953 Julius Caesar as Cobbler
movie 1953 Mister Scoutmaster as News Dealer
movie 1953 The Caddy as Stage Manager
movie 1953 The Clown as Danny Daylor
movie 1953 The War of the Worlds as Well-Dressed Looter
movie 1953 Trouble Along the Way as Pool-Player
movie 1952 Come Back, Little Sheba as Man at AA Meeting
movie 1952 Just This Once as Court Clerk
movie 1952 Stop, You're Killing Me as Sad Sam Callahan
movie 1952 The Bad and the Beautiful as Wardrobe Man
movie 1952 The Girl in White as Anatomy Professor
movie 1952 You for Me as Harlow Douglas
movie 1951 Callaway Went Thataway as Mailman
movie 1951 It's a Big Country: An American Anthology as Newspaper Office Receptionist
movie 1951 Lightning Strikes Twice as Tom - a Rancher
movie 1951 Storm Warning as George Athens
movie 1951 The People Against O'Hara as Preliminary Hearing Judge
movie 1950 He's a Cockeyed Wonder as Sam Phillips
movie 1950 Mystery Street as Dr. Ben Levy, McAdoo's asst.
movie 1950 Perfect Strangers as O'Hanlon
movie 1950 The Damned Don't Cry as Taxi Driver
movie 1950 The Grass Is Always Greener as Stub
movie 1950 The Great Jewel Robber as Prisoner in Jail Cell
movie 1950 The Underworld Story as Editor, Atlas News Service
movie 1950 Three Hams on Rye as Nick Barker
movie 1949 Hokus Pokus as Svengarlic's Manager
movie 1942 Glove Birds as Jailer
movie 1941 Go West, Young Lady as Loiterer
movie 1941 I'll Never Heil Again as King's Bugler in Opening
movie 1941 King of Dodge City as Bank Teller
movie 1941 The Richest Man in Town as Man
movie 1940 Beyond the Sacramento as Bank Teller George
movie 1940 From Nurse to Worse as Dog Catcher
movie 1940 Glamour for Sale as Cop
movie 1940 Nutty But Nice as Mr. Williams
movie 1940 Pardon My Berth Marks as Man in Train Station
movie 1940 Prairie Schooners as Skinny Hutch
movie 1940 You Nazty Spy! as Lead Storm Trooper
movie 1939 Coast Guard as Lookout
movie 1939 I'm from Missouri as Teller
movie 1939 Mooching Through Georgia as Union Veteran Joe McIntyre
movie 1939 Pest from the West as Deckhand
movie 1939 Three Little Sew and Sews as Sailor with Telegram
movie 1939 Trouble Finds Andy Clyde
movie 1939 Woman Doctor as Undetermined Role
movie 1938 Dick Tracy Returns as Kid Stark [Chs. 1, 13]
movie 1938 Give Me a Sailor as Reporter
movie 1938 Next Time I Marry as Reporter
movie 1937 True Confession as Second Photographer

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