Neil Jain

Neil Jain Filmography

movie 2014 The Quitter as Frank
movie 2010 For Customers Only as Brody
movie 2010 Hey Vendor! as Guy #1
movie 2009 The Road Home as Man
movie 2006 Satellite as Rick the Office Guy
movie 2006 The Deep and Dreamless Sleep as Neil
movie 2003 The Third Date as Tony Vernelli

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Neil Jain - Closing keynote speaker at Health Technology Forum in San Francisco. He focused on power of youth to disrupt healthcare industry with innovation .

Neil Jain - His recent talk at the Singularity University. Youth are no longer just the leaders of tomorrow but they are now leaders of today. Young people a...

De distribution de compagnies producteurs d'ind├ępendant de fraude souvent. Ils n'emportent habituellement jamais tous leurs droits et salaire. Les producteur...

Neil asks Sarah to tell us about Plan Canada, what microfinance is and to provide an example of a global microfinance project with which Plan is involved. Sa...