Nellie Grant

Nellie Grant (July 4, 1855 ? August 30, 1922) was the third child and only daughter of U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant and First Lady Julia Grant. ... more on Wikipedia

Nellie Grant Filmography

movie 1917 Aladdin's Other Lamp as Mrs. Edmonton Smithfield
movie 1917 Builders of Castles as Mrs. Morton
movie 1917 Chris and His Wonderful Lamp as Mrs. Wagstaff
movie 1917 Lady Barnacle as Lakshima's Maid
movie 1917 The Last Sentence as Mrs. Dixon
movie 1917 The Royal Pauper as Mrs. Chandler, the Fairy Godmother
movie 1917 The Star Spangled Banner
movie 1917 The Tell-Tale Step as Rosetta
movie 1917 Threads of Fate as Marcella
movie 1916 Just a Song at Twilight as Mrs. Grant
movie 1916 The Innocence of Ruth as Housekeeper
movie 1915 A Tribute to Mother as The Mother
movie 1915 Children of Eve as Flossy Wilson
movie 1915 From a Life of Crime
movie 1915 Her Happiness as Mrs. Curtis
movie 1915 Out of the Ruins as Mrs. Lancaster Varden
movie 1915 Shadows from the Past as Babette
movie 1915 The Bedouin's Sacrifice
movie 1915 The Broken Word
movie 1915 The Hand of the Law as Mrs. Hazelton
movie 1915 The Magic Skin as Pauline's Mother
movie 1915 The Phantom Thief as Mrs. Badger
movie 1915 The Tragedies of the Crystal Globe as Aminta
movie 1915 The Working of a Miracle
movie 1914 A Fugitive from Justice
movie 1914 Dinkelspiel's Baby
movie 1914 Frederick the Great
movie 1914 Laddie as Violet Meredith
movie 1914 Mr. Sniffkins' Widow as The Sewing Circle
movie 1914 The Adventure of the Alarm Clock as Mrs. Frothingham
movie 1914 The Colonel of the Red Hussars as Marie - Marion's Maid
movie 1914 The Coward and the Man
movie 1914 The Cross of Crime
movie 1914 The Drama of Heyville as Legitimate Actress
movie 1914 The Mysterious Package as Villager
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Silver Snare
movie 1914 The Old Fire Horse as Mrs. Nick Sharp
movie 1914 The Tango in Tuckerville as Mrs. Jenkins
movie 1913 A Shower of Slippers
movie 1913 Janet of the Dunes as Katherine - Richard's FianceƩ
movie 1913 While John Bolt Slept as The Nurse
movie 1912 Oh, You Baby!
movie 1912 Poor Finney
movie 1912 The Jam Closet as The Mother
movie 1912 The Patent Housekeeper as Mrs. Johnson
movie 1912 Tommy's Geography Lesson as Tommy's Mother

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