Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby Filmography

movie 2014 A Long Way Down
movie 2014 Brooklyn
movie 2014 Wild
movie 2012 È nata una star?
movie 2009 The Gooner Review as Himself
movie 2009 An Education
tv movie 2007 Tapping the Wire as Himself
tv series 2006 Clive James Talking in the Library as Himself
movie 2005 Fever Pitch
video movie 2003 Spotlight on Location: The Making of 'About a Boy' as Himself
tv movie 2003 About a Boy
movie 2002 About a Boy
tv movie 2002 The Real James Bond's Gadgets
movie 2000 High Fidelity
movie 1997 Fever Pitch as School Football Coach
tv movie 1994 The Ball Is Round
movie Untitled Nick Hornby Project

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You can change your life in a split second but you have to live with it then for the rest of your life.

Englisch-Projektarbeit 2014 der 11. Klasse des Sophie-Scholl-Gymnasiums Itzehoe: Trailer zum Roman "Slam" (Nick Hornby).

This trailer was made for a school project at Bergaskolan in Malmö, Sweden. Hope you like it!

In this video, New York Times bestselling author Nick Hornby talks about his latest book SLAM.