Nick Karner

Nick Karner is an American actor and director, born July 7, 1982 in Hartford Connecticut. ... more on Wikipedia

Nick Karner Filmography

movie 2013 Headsome as Victim
movie 2013 Parlay as Mr. Holly
movie 2013 Redd as Simon Weller
movie 2013 Remnants as John Riddick
movie 2013 Basilisk
movie 2013 Iron Man Three
movie 2012 Destiny Road as Shorty's Customer
movie 2012 Dissonance as Lawyer
movie 2012 Foodie as Mueller
movie 2012 Found Betty as Drive Thru Clerk
movie 2012 From Faith to Freedom as Lucas
movie 2012 In the Goodbye as Hal
movie 2012 Lost Flight as Pick-Up Artist
movie 2012 The Perfect Family
video movie 2012 The Misses
movie 2011 A Killer Christmas Carol as Eric
movie 2011 Alicen's Diary as Vaughn Daniels
movie 2011 Dirt Cheap Therapy as Client #1
video movie 2011 Dooley 218 as Kinston Raleigh
movie 2011 Impulse as Robert
movie 2011 The Firebird as Koshei
movie 2011 The Minus Touch as Max
video movie 2011 The Program as David
tv movie 2011 The Shunning as Amish Man at General Store
movie 2011 Timely as Huxley
movie 2011 Unspeakable as Cosmo Kirby
movie 2011 Good Listener
movie 2011 Taco Emporium
movie 2011 Mixed Assumptions
movie 2010 Dead End Job as Bruce
video movie 2010 Eight Lessons in Living Together as Grocery Store Customer
video movie 2010 I.M. 2 as HappyGuy147
movie 2010 Long Lost Friend as Tom
movie 2010 The Pod as Paul
movie 2010 The Priest and the Psychologist as Psychologist
movie 2010 The Job
movie 2009 A Tasteful Holiday as Gary
movie 2009 I.M. (Instant Message) as HappyGuy147
movie 2009 Sandy! as Master Bayton
movie 2009 Heartless
movie 2009 Kids
movie 2009 Letting Go
movie 2009 One-Eyed Monsters
movie 2009 Shotgun Wedding
movie 2008 Heinz 'n Me as Sports Fan
movie 2008 Robert 39 as Julian
movie 2008 The Bull as Man
movie 2008 Stare Down
movie 2008 The Murphey School
movie 2007 Ashes as Jogger
movie 2007 Awake and Ovulate as Paperboy
movie 2007 Losses as You
movie 2007 Paulina Mercedes as George
video movie 2007 The Ice Blossom as Bismarck Clerk
movie 2006 Prank as The Boy
movie 2006 The Beaver
movie 2005 5 as Steve
movie 2005 Babs Johnson and the Cavalcade of Perversion: An Exploration in Exploitation as Himself
movie 2005 Crime on a String as Thief
movie 2005 Cuckoo as Man #2
movie 2005 Kamikaze as The Dealer
movie 2005 Paid to Play as Himself
movie 2005 Cage
movie 2005 Outsider
movie 2005 The Nicest Guy
movie 2004 Shitty Chicken as The Bum
movie 2004 The Sotherby's Redemption as Red Andy
movie 2003 A Little Harmless Murder as Life Insurance Salesman
tv movie 2000 Students vs. School Violence

Nick Karner on Youtube

DIRTBAGS by Eryk Pruitt Video by Nick Karner

Teaser trailer for my upcoming feature film. Please excuse the audio; this is only a teaser for a film in preproduction. Starring Christopher Houldsworth, Ka... REDD is a Sci-Fi Action Adventure Horror feature based in the future, where The GRIMM ...

scene from "The Bull", 19 minute short film written and directed by Josh Clayton. Starring Nick Karner and Logan Anderson. Shot by Aravind Ragupathi. Trailer...