Nick Mancuso

Nicodemo Antonio Massimo "Nick" Mancuso (born May 29, 1948) is an Italian-Canadian cinema and stage actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Nick Mancuso Filmography

movie 2015 The Secret of Botticelli as Bastiano Bandini
movie 2014 Born Dead as Nick
movie 2014 Mary Loss of Soul as Detective Mark O'Hagan
movie 2013 A Trip to the Island as Writer
movie 2013 Hostage as Father Dario
movie 2013 Real Gangsters as Vincent 'Jimmie' Lo Giacamo
movie 2013 Sunny and RayRay as Johnny
movie 2013 The Junction as Jack Pearlman
movie 2013 The Resurrection of Tony Gitone as Vince
movie 2012 The Great Chameleon as Senior Agent Powers
tv movie 2012 Whiskey Business as Don Farelli
movie 2011 The Last Gamble as Nick
movie 2011 Tile Man as John Jones
movie 2011 Violent Blue as Pietro
movie 2011 Lull
movie 2010 Anna, Teresa E Le Resistenti
movie 2010 Deal or Not Deal as Nick
movie 2010 Death in Havana as Nick
movie 2010 Napoleonic as Adam Trufant
movie 2009 Deadtime Stories as Swan
movie 2009 Death Warrior as Ivan
movie 2009 Lost Soul as Dr. Charles Crowther
movie 2009 Panama Deal
tv movie 2009 Rise of the Gargoyles as Father Gable
movie 2008 Contract Killers as Witkoff
movie 2008 The Wrong Mr. Johnson as Jim Johnson
movie 2007 Blind Eye as Chas Munroe
video movie 2007 Stormy Seas: The Voyage from Bloodstar to Death Ship as Himself
video movie 2007 Vanessa as Mr. Bennet
tv movie 2006 Night of Terror as Richard Grant
tv movie 2006 Saurian as Dr. Jacob Carpenter
tv movie 2006 Veiled Truth as Victor Graznev
tv movie 2005 Betting on Love as Arnie Tannenbaum
movie 2005 Bruco
movie 2005 Dreaming on Christmas as Sid
movie 2005 In the Mix as Salvatore
movie 2005 Time of Fear as Jack Barone
video movie 2005 Today You Die as Agent Saunders
movie 2005 Tribute to Nick Mancuso as Himself
tv movie 2004 Brave New Girl as Ditz's Father
tv movie 2004 Lives of the Saints as Mario Innocente
video movie 2004 The Messiah: Prophecy Fulfilled as Yehudah
movie 2003 Firefight as George
tv movie 2003 Lightning: Bolts of Destruction as General Fields
tv movie 2002 Dancing at the Harvest Moon as Tom Webber
tv movie 2001 Avalanche Alley as Scott
movie 2001 Judgment as Franco Macalousso
tv movie 2001 Loving Evangeline as Robert Cannon
movie 2001 The Secret Pact as Dominic Patton
movie 2000 Jack of Hearts as Roy Murcant
movie 2000 Tribulation as Franco Macalousso
movie 1999 Question of Privilege as Steven Healy
movie 1999 Revelation as Franco Macalousso
tv movie 1999 Total Recall 2070 as Richard Collector
tv movie 1999 Young Ivanhoe as De Bourget
video movie 1998 Captured as Holden Downs
movie 1998 Loyal Opposition as General James Metzger
movie 1998 Matter of Trust as Peter Marsh
movie 1998 Misbegotten as Paul Bourke
tv movie 1998 Perfect Assassins as Samuel Greely
movie 1998 Provocateur as Toynbey Bates
tv movie 1998 Sealed with a Kiss as Barry Kuda
movie 1997 Against the Law as Det. John Shepard
movie 1997 Laws of Deception as Det. Sgt. Lou Mather
tv movie 1997 Let Me Call You Sweetheart as Bob Kinellen
movie 1997 The Ex as David Kenyon
movie 1997 The Invader as Willard
tv movie 1997 Twists of Terror as Crenshaw
movie 1996 A Young Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court as King Arthur
movie 1996 Marquis de Sade as Marquis de Sade
tv movie 1996 Once You Meet a Stranger as Aaron
movie 1996 Past Perfect as Stone
tv movie 1996 Vows of Deception as Matt Harding
tv series 1996 Les amants de rivière rouge as O'Connor
movie 1995 Suspicious Agenda as Jimmy Davane
video movie 1995 The Takeover as Anthony Vilachi
movie 1995 Under Siege 2: Dark Territory as Tom Breaker
video movie 1994 Flinch as Miles Raymond
tv movie 1994 For the Love of Aaron as Stuart Singer
tv movie 1993 Message from Nam as Capt. Bill Quinn
movie 1992 Rapid Fire as Antonio Serrano
tv movie 1992 Somebody's Daughter as Noah Canaan
movie 1992 Under Siege as Tom Breaker
tv movie 1991 Fatal Exposure as Carl Stone
movie 1991 Lena's Holiday as Flynn
tv movie 1991 Lies Before Kisses as Sonny
movie 1991 Milena as Jaromir
tv movie 1991 Vendetta: Secrets of a Mafia Bride as Danny LaManna
tv movie 1990 Burning Bridges as Peter Hollinger
tv movie 1989 Last Train Home as Sam Steele
movie 1988 Tiger Warsaw as Reunion Friend
tv movie 1987 The King of Love
movie 1986 Death of an Angel as Father Angel
tv movie 1986 Half a Lifetime as Toby
tv movie 1985 Embassy as Harry Brackett
movie 1985 Night Magic as Michael
tv movie 1985 Stingray as Ray
movie 1984 Blame It on the Night as Chris Dalton
movie 1984 Heartbreakers as Eli
movie 1984 Paroles et musique as Peter
tv movie 1983 Desperate Intruder as Mike
movie 1983 Maria Chapdelaine as François Paradis
movie 1983 Tell Me That You Love Me as Dan
tv series 1983 Feel the Heat as Andy Thorn
movie 1982 Mother Lode as Jean Dupre
tv movie 1982 The Legend of Walks Far Woman as Horses Ghost
movie 1981 Ticket to Heaven as David
movie 1980 Death Ship as Nick
movie 1979 Nightwing as Youngman Duran
tv movie 1979 The House on Garibaldi Street as Ari
tv movie 1978 Dr. Scorpion as John Shackelford
movie 1976 A Sweeter Song as Manuel
movie 1975 A Thousand Moons
movie 1974 Black Christmas as The Prowler
tv movie 1974 Red Emma as Sasha Berkman

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Starring Robert Loggia, John Savage, Steven Bauer, Margot Kidder, Nick Mancuso, Michael Pare, Robert Mangiardi and introducing Frank D'Angelo.

Jeff Fahey ... Thorold Stone Tony Nappo... Willie Spino Carol Alt... Cindy Bolton Leigh Lewis... Helen Hannah Nick Mancuso... Franco Macalousso.