Nick Read

Nick Read Filmography

movie 2014 Kids-R
movie 2013 The Condemned
tv movie 2009 Kate Adie Returns to Tiananmen Square
tv series 2008 The Iraq War by Numbers
tv movie 2007 Weekend 'Nazis'
tv movie 2005 Israels Jails
tv movie 2004 Indira Gandhi: The Death of Mother India
tv series 2004 Atlantic Britain
tv movie 2003 Warren Zevon: Keep Me in Your Heart
tv series 2002 Red Gold: The Epic Story of Blood
tv movie 2000 Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain
tv series 1999 Finest Hour
tv movie 1998 The Royal Court of Thailand
movie 1997 Rawhides
tv series 1994 Africa Express
movie 1994 Aftershock: The Untold Story of the Birmingham Pub Bombings
tv movie 1993 Naked Sports: Four Portraits

Nick Read on Youtube

I thought I would never finish this! xD I get a little lazy at the end, but I just wanted to show one of my upcoming projects. This video, and most of it, th...

I'm really proud of this mini edit. I didn't add many video effects, which some people might dislike, some might love. I personally found this video very che...

Nick Read talking about the PruHealth Vitality model and the partnership with Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking.

This Was On The 22 Of August Of 2007/Sorry That The Two Hilary Duff Performances Were Not Here In This Video But Are The Links:With ...