Nick Tate

Nicholas John Tate (born 18 June 1942) is an Australian actor best known for his role as Eagle pilot Alan Carter in both seasons of the 1970s science fiction television series Space: 1999. ... more on Wikipedia

Nick Tate Filmography

movie 2014 Lupin III as Dawson
video movie 2013 Space Opera Society Presents: Nick Tate as Himself
movie 2013 The Great Gatsby as Taxi Driver
movie 2013 The Proposal as Trailer Narrator
movie 2012 Qian Xuesen as Kimball
movie 2011 Killer Elite as Commander B
movie 2007 The Gene Generation as Doctor
movie 2006 A Knight Lost as Frank Knight
video movie 2005 Secrets of Summerfield: The Making of 'Summerfield' as Himself
movie 2005 The Vanished as Roy
movie 2004 Mementos as Detective
video movie 2004 Space: 1899 as Alan Carter
tv movie 2002 Counterstrike as Adm. Lewis
tv movie 2002 Seconds to Spare as Commander Haggarty
tv movie 2002 The Junction Boys as Smokey Harper
video movie 2000 The Making of 'Double Jeopardy' as Narrator
movie 1997 Five Men and a Limo as Himself
movie 1996 Bed of Roses as Bayard
tv series 1994 Red Planet as Colony Leader
movie 1993 Silent Cries
tv movie 1992 Lady Boss
tv movie 1992 The President's Child as Lipton
movie 1992 The Public Eye as Henry Haddock Jr.
movie 1991 Hook as Noodler
movie 1991 Steel and Lace as Duncan
movie 1989 Dangerfreaks as Narrator
tv movie 1989 Police State
movie 1989 Return from the River Kwai as Lt. Commander Hunt
movie 1988 Evil Angels as Charlwood
tv movie 1988 Olive as Anthony Wheeler
tv movie 1988 The Alien Years as North
tv series 1988 Butterfly Island as Himself
tv series 1988 True Believers as Les Hayden
movie 1987 Cry Freedom as Richie
video movie 1987 Rob Roy
movie 1987 The Year My Voice Broke as Sergeant Pierce
tv movie 1986 Ivanhoe as Sir Cedric
movie 1985 The Empty Beach as Brian Henneberry
movie 1984 The Coolangatta Gold as Joe Lucas
tv series 1983 Scales of Justice as Attorney General
tv movie 1982 Cosmic Princess as Alan Carter
tv series 1980 The Russians as Narrator
movie 1979 Licensed to Love and Kill as Jensen Fury
tv series 1979 A Place in the World as Kenneth Reissel
tv movie 1978 Destination Moonbase-Alpha as Alan Carter
movie 1977 A Shattered Silence as Himself
movie 1977 Summerfield as Simon Robinson
movie 1977 The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It as 1st Australian
tv movie 1976 Alien Attack as Alan Carter
tv movie 1976 Journey Through the Black Sun as Alan Carter
tv movie 1976 The Day After Tomorrow as Captain Harry Masters
movie 1976 The Devil's Playground as Brother Victor
movie 1969 Battle of Britain as RAF Pilot
movie 1969 Submarine X-1 as Leading Seaman X-1
movie 1969 The Oblong Box as Young Man in Tavern
movie 1966 A Man for All Seasons as Master At Arms

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