Nicky Guadagni

Nicky Guadagni is a Canadian actress who has worked on stage, radio, film and television. ... more on Wikipedia

Nicky Guadagni Filmography

movie 2007 Lars and the Real Girl as Mrs. Petersen
tv movie 2006 Absolution as Myra Lloyd
movie 2006 Appassionata: The Extraordinary Life & Music of Sonia Eckhardt-Gramatté as Dr. Eckhardt's Assistant
tv movie 2006 Booky Makes Her Mark as Mrs. MacDonald
movie 2006 Silent Hill as Distressed Woman
tv movie 2006 The Path to 9/11 as Mary Jo White
tv movie 2006 Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy as Photographer
tv movie 2005 Beethoven's Hair as Narrator
movie 2002 Beluga Speaking Across Time as Narrator
tv movie 2002 Salem Witch Trials as Elizabeth Proctor
tv movie 2000 Dirty Pictures as Kardon
tv movie 2000 The Golden Spiders: A Nero Wolfe Mystery as Angela Wright
tv movie 2000 The Last Debate as Sam Minter
tv movie 1999 Forget Me Never as Patient No.2
tv movie 1999 Ricky Nelson: Original Teen Idol as Donna Fontana
movie 1998 Blind Faith as Margaret O'Neill
tv movie 1998 My Father's Shadow: The Sam Sheppard Story as Conservative Debater
movie 1998 Sleeping Dogs Lie as Sister Rosaria
movie 1997 Cube as Holloway
tv movie 1997 Johnny 2.0 as Nurse
tv movie 1997 Major Crime as Denice
tv movie 1997 Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Women as Lydia Stolowitsky segment 'Mamusha'
tv movie 1996 Buried Secrets as Librarian
movie 1996 Crash as Tattooist
tv movie 1996 Hidden in America as Hospital Administrator
tv movie 1996 Under the Piano as Miss Evans
tv movie 1996 Undue Influence as Postal Supervisor
tv movie 1996 We the Jury as Beryl Granger
tv movie 1995 Friends at Last as Maine Nurse
movie 1995 House
movie 1995 House as Carmen
tv movie 1995 The Possession of Michael D. as The Neurologist
tv movie 1994 Lives of Girls & Women as Del's Narration
tv movie 1994 My Breast as Dr. Petrek
tv movie 1993 Bonds of Love as Karen Turney
tv movie 1991 A Little Piece of Heaven as Helen Olander
movie 1990 White Room as Narrator
tv movie 1988 The Squamish Five as Ann
tv movie 1985 Turning to Stone as Allison Campbell
tv movie 1984 A Matter of Sex as Mary

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Nicky Guadagni performing Unity Mitford.

Título original: Cube Año: 1997 Duración: 92 min. País: Canadá Director: Vincenzo Natali Guión: Vincenzo Natali, Andre Bijelic, Graeme Manson Música: Mark ...

Cube 1997 Six total strangers awaken one day to find themselves alone in a cubical maze. Once they meet, they work together using their given skills and tale...

Silent Hill is a 2006 horror film directed by Christophe Gans and written by Roger Avary, Christophe Gans and Nicolas Boukhrief. The film is an adaptation of...