Nils Asther

Nils Anton Alfhild Asther (17 January 1897 ? 19 October 1981) was a Danish-born Swedish actor active in Hollywood from 1926 to the mid 1950s, known for his beautiful face and often called "the male Greta Garbo". Between 1916 and 1963 he appeared in over 70 feature films, whereof 16 done in the silent era. ... more on Wikipedia

Nils Asther Filmography

movie 1963 Gudrun as Londonchefen
movie 1962 Vita frun as Simon Ek
movie 1961 Svenska Floyd as Vincent Mitella
movie 1960 När mörkret faller as Tord Ekstedt, vicar
movie 1953 Aquel hombre de Tánger as Henri
movie 1949 Samson and Delilah as Prince
movie 1948 The Feathered Serpent as Prof. Paul Evans
movie 1945 Jealousy as Peter Urban
movie 1945 Love, Honor and Goodbye as Tony Linnard
movie 1945 Son of Lassie as Olav
movie 1945 The Man in Half Moon Street as Dr. Julian Karell
movie 1944 Alaska as Thomas Leroux
movie 1944 Bluebeard as Inspector Jacques Lefevre
movie 1944 The Hour Before the Dawn as Kurt van der Breughel
movie 1943 Mystery Broadcast as Ricky Moreno
movie 1943 Submarine Alert as Dr. Arthur Huneker
movie 1942 Night Monster as Agor Singh
movie 1942 Sweater Girl as Prof. Henri Menard
movie 1942 The Night Before the Divorce as Victor Roselle
movie 1941 Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day as Constanzo Labardi
movie 1941 Flying Blind as Eric Karolek
movie 1941 Forced Landing as Col. Jan Golas
movie 1941 Night of January 16th as Bjorn Faulkner
movie 1941 The Man Who Lost Himself as Peter Ransome
movie 1938 Tea Leaves in the Wind as Tony Drake
movie 1937 Make-Up as Bux
movie 1936 Guilty Melody as Galloni
movie 1936 The Marriage of Corbal as Varennes
movie 1935 Abdul the Damned as Chief of Police Kadar-Pasha
movie 1934 Hollywood on Parade No. B-6 as Himself
movie 1934 Love Time as Franz Schubert
movie 1934 Madame Spy as Capt. Franck
movie 1934 The Crime Doctor as Gary Patten
movie 1934 The Love Captive as Dr. Alexis Collender
movie 1933 Bombshell as Undetermined Role
movie 1933 By Candlelight as Prince Alfred von Rommer
movie 1933 If I Were Free as Tono Casanove
movie 1933 Storm at Daybreak as Capt. Geza Petery
movie 1933 The Bitter Tea of General Yen as Gen. Yen
movie 1933 The Right to Romance as Dr. Helmuth Heppling
movie 1932 -But the Flesh Is Weak as Prince Paul
movie 1932 Letty Lynton as Emile Renaul
movie 1932 The Washington Masquerade as Brenner
movie 1930 Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 20 as Himself
movie 1930 The Sea Bat as Carl
movie 1929 The Hollywood Revue of 1929 as Himself
movie 1929 The Single Standard as Packy Cannon
movie 1929 Wild Orchids as Prince De Gace
movie 1928 Dream of Love as Prince Maurice de Saxe
movie 1928 Laugh, Clown, Laugh as Luigi
movie 1928 Loves of an Actress as Raoul
movie 1928 Our Dancing Daughters as Norman
movie 1928 The Blue Danube as Erich von Statzen
movie 1928 The Cardboard Lover as Andre
movie 1928 The Cossacks as Prince Olenin Stieshneff
movie 1927 Der Mann mit der falschen Banknote
movie 1927 Gauner im Frack as George Valeska
movie 1927 Hotelratten as Fürst Ladrone
movie 1927 Sorrell and Son as Christopher 'Kit' Sorrell
movie 1927 Topsy and Eva as George Shelby
movie 1926 Das süße Mädel as The Prince's Son
movie 1926 Der goldene Schmetterling as Andy, sein Sohn
movie 1926 Der Mann seiner Frau
movie 1926 Die drei Kuckucksuhren as Reginald Ellis
movie 1926 Die versunkene Flotte as Tropedooffizier Günther Adenried
movie 1925 Briefe, die ihn nicht erreichten as Georg von Arnim
movie 1925 Finale der Liebe as Dr. Gaston Lasar
movie 1924 Carl XII:s kurir as Stanislaus
movie 1924 Wienerbarnet as Charles Dupont
movie 1923 Das Geheimnis der Herzogin
movie 1923 Norrtullsligan as Baby's Fiancé
movie 1922 Vem dömer as Apprentice
movie 1920 Gyurkovicsarna as Bandi Gyurkovics
movie 1918 Himmelskibet as Martian Citizen
movie 1918 Retten sejrer
movie 1918 Solen der dræbte as Jan
movie 1917 Hittebarnet as Kurt
movie 1916 Vingarne as Aspiring actor

Nils Asther on Youtube

About 1935, from his years in England. He plays a police commandant.

"Our Dancing Daughters" (1928)by Harry Beaumont, with Joan Crawford, Anita Page, Dorothy Sebastian and Nils Asther...

In Paris, an artist hires portrait models, and after he finishes their portraits, he strangles them.

Nazi spies use a stolen shortwave transmitter prototype to broadcast top secret shipping info to an offshore Japanese sub. To nab the spy ring, the Governmen...