Noah Young

Noah Young (2 February 1887 - 18 April 1958) was a former champion weightlifter who joined the Hal Roach studios as an actor, mainly playing comic villains. He appeared in several Laurel and Hardy comedies but was more notable as a foil for Harold Lloyd, whom he supported in over 50 films. ... more on Wikipedia

Noah Young Filmography

movie 1967 The Further Perils of Laurel and Hardy
movie 1961 Days of Thrills and Laughter as Himself
movie 1935 Bonnie Scotland as Highland Quartette Member
movie 1935 Southern Exposure as Man in Court
movie 1935 The Fixer Uppers as Bartender at Café des Artistes
movie 1935 Vagabond Lady as Man in Manhole
movie 1934 Bum Voyage as Swedish Steward
movie 1934 The Cat's-Paw as Strongarm
movie 1932 Movie Crazy as Traffic Cop
movie 1931 Everything's Rosie as Auction Shill Knocked Out
movie 1931 Newly Rich as Bill
movie 1930 Feet First as Sailor
movie 1929 Welcome Danger as Patrick Clancy
movie 1928 Sharp Shooters as Tom
movie 1928 Thief in the Dark as Monk
movie 1927 Anything Once! as Party Guest
movie 1927 Assistant Wives as The Waitress's Husband
movie 1927 Bring Home the Turkey as The detective
movie 1927 Do Detectives Think? as The Tipton Slasher
movie 1927 Don Mike as Reuben Pettigill
movie 1927 Gun Gospel as Jack Goodshot
movie 1927 Ham and Eggs at the Front as Sergeant
movie 1927 Love Makes 'Em Wild as Janitor
movie 1927 Many Scrappy Returns
movie 1927 One Hour Married
movie 1927 Sugar Daddies as Brittle's brother-in-law
movie 1927 The Battle of the Century as Thunder-Clap Callahan
movie 1927 The First Auto as Ned Jarvish
movie 1927 The Land Beyond the Law as Hanzup Harry
movie 1927 The Lighter That Failed
movie 1927 Why Girls Say No as Angry Motorist
movie 1926 Don Key (Son of Burro)
movie 1926 For Heaven's Sake as The Roughneck
movie 1926 Good Cheer as Second officer
movie 1926 He Forgot to Remember
movie 1926 Marry Month of May as One of the Pirates
movie 1926 The Old War-Horse
movie 1926 There Ain't No Santa Claus
movie 1925 A Sailor Papa
movie 1925 Ask Grandma as Johnny's 'Daddy'
movie 1925 Bad Boy as Dance Hall Troublemaker
movie 1925 Black Cyclone as Cowboy
movie 1925 Boys Will Be Joys as Officer
movie 1925 Hard Boiled
movie 1925 Looking for Sally as Detective
movie 1925 Moonlight and Noses as A Burglar
movie 1925 Sherlock Sleuth as Hotel Manager
movie 1925 Should Sailors Marry? as The ex-husband
movie 1925 Somewhere in Somewhere
movie 1925 The Big Kick
movie 1925 The Family Entrance
movie 1925 The Wages of Tin
movie 1925 There Goes the Bride
movie 1925 Thundering Landlords
movie 1925 What Price Goofy? as Omaha Oscar - Burglar
movie 1924 A Ten-Minute Egg as Man shooting pool
movie 1924 April Fool as Smith - Assistant Editor
movie 1924 Battling Orioles as Sid Stanton
movie 1924 Big Moments from Little Pictures
movie 1924 Brothers Under the Chin
movie 1924 Fast Black as The Detective
movie 1924 Hard Knocks as Butler
movie 1924 It's a Bear as Sheriff
movie 1924 Jubilo, Jr. as Emil, Jubilo's father
movie 1924 Just a Good Guy as Policeman
movie 1924 Just a Minute
movie 1924 Meet the Missus
movie 1924 Position Wanted
movie 1924 Publicity Pays as Hotel Manager
movie 1924 South o' the North Pole as The Indian Chief
movie 1924 Stolen Goods as Bashful customer
movie 1924 The Goofy Age
movie 1924 Tire Trouble as Officer
movie 1924 Too Many Mammas as The Apache Dancer's Husband
movie 1924 Wide Open Spaces
movie 1924 Young Oldfield
movie 1924 Zeb vs. Paprika
movie 1923 Before the Public
movie 1923 Bowled Over as The Champion
movie 1923 Courtship of Miles Sandwich as Chief Whattadamatta
movie 1923 Finger Prints
movie 1923 Gas and Air
movie 1923 Jack Frost as Farmer
movie 1923 Jus' Passin' Through as The Sheriff
movie 1923 Kill or Cure as Car owner
movie 1923 Live Wires
movie 1923 No Pets as Hotel Manager
movie 1923 Post No Bills as Man Fixing a Tire
movie 1923 Safety Last! as The Law
movie 1923 Sold at Auction as 'Product' Demonstrator
movie 1923 Take the Air
movie 1923 The Mystery Man
movie 1923 The Noon Whistle as A millworker
movie 1923 The Uncovered Wagon
movie 1923 The Walkout as Agitator
movie 1923 Uncensored Movies
movie 1923 Wait for Me
movie 1923 Where Am I?
movie 1922 365 Days as The Hard Boiled Relative
movie 1922 Grandma's Boy as Sheriff of Dabney County
movie 1922 In the Movies as The Theatre Manager
movie 1922 Light Showers
movie 1922 Newly Rich as The Butler
movie 1922 Pardon Me as Cellmate
movie 1922 Some Baby
movie 1922 Stage Struck as Stage Manager
movie 1922 The Anvil Chorus
movie 1922 The Dumb-Bell as Disgruntled director
movie 1922 The Old Sea Dog
movie 1922 Years to Come as Stage Door Jennie
movie 1921 A Sailor-Made Man as The Rowdy Element
movie 1921 Among Those Present
movie 1921 At the Ringside as Ironhead O'Flatherty
movie 1921 Fifteen Minutes
movie 1921 I Do as The Agitation
movie 1921 Late Lodgers as Sam the Swiper
movie 1921 Name the Day as The Rejected Suitor
movie 1921 Now or Never as Farm Owner
movie 1921 On Location as The Director
movie 1921 Penny-in-the-Slot as Horrible Horace
movie 1921 Prince Pistachio
movie 1921 Running Wild
movie 1921 Sink or Swim as The Chief Life-Saver
movie 1921 Spot Cash
movie 1921 The Corner Pocket as Bad Bill
movie 1921 The Joy Rider
movie 1921 What a Whopper! as The Other Husband
movie 1920 All Lit Up as The Husband
movie 1920 An Eastern Westerner as The Bully
movie 1920 Any Old Port
movie 1920 Doing Time
movie 1920 Don't Rock the Boat
movie 1920 Fresh Paint as The Artist
movie 1920 Haunted Spooks
movie 1920 High and Dizzy
movie 1920 His Royal Slyness as The Prince's tutor
movie 1920 Raise the Rent
movie 1920 The Sleepyhead
movie 1919 A Jazzed Honeymoon
movie 1919 A Sammy in Siberia as Burly Soldier
movie 1919 Ask Father as Large Office Worker
movie 1919 At the Old Stage Door
movie 1919 Be My Wife
movie 1919 Before Breakfast
movie 1919 Billy Blazes, Esq.
movie 1919 Bumping Into Broadway as The Bearcat's Bouncer
movie 1919 Captain Kidd's Kids as Big Pirate
movie 1919 Chop Suey & Co.
movie 1919 Count the Votes
movie 1919 Crack Your Heels
movie 1919 Do You Love Your Wife? as Cop
movie 1919 Don't Shove as Tough guy
movie 1919 From Hand to Mouth as Conspirator
movie 1919 He Leads, Others Follow
movie 1919 Heap Big Chief
movie 1919 His Only Father
movie 1919 Hoot Mon!
movie 1919 Hustling for Health as Train Conductor
movie 1919 Just Dropped In
movie 1919 Just Neighbors
movie 1919 Look Out Below
movie 1919 Never Touched Me
movie 1919 Off the Trolley
movie 1919 On the Fire
movie 1919 Pay Your Dues
movie 1919 Pistols for Breakfast
movie 1919 Ring Up the Curtain as An Actor
movie 1919 Si, Senor
movie 1919 Soft Money
movie 1919 Spring Fever
movie 1919 Swat the Crook
movie 1919 The Marathon as A Suitor
movie 1919 The Rajah
movie 1919 Wanted - $5,000
movie 1919 Young Mr. Jazz as Bowery Cafe Waiter
movie 1918 Bees in His Bonnet
movie 1918 Hear 'Em Rave
movie 1918 Just Rambling Along as Policeman
movie 1918 Kicking the Germ Out of Germany
movie 1918 No Place Like Jail
movie 1918 Nothing But Trouble
movie 1918 She Loves Me Not
movie 1918 The Non-Stop Kid
movie 1918 Two Scrambled

Noah Young on Youtube

Noah Young, "All In My Head," available on iTunes HERE: -Video by: Davin Lindwall, ...

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Zach Larmer and Noah Young play an improvised arrangement of Billie's Bounce.

I mashed 5 songs together to create one song that tells a story. Enjoy!