Noel Black

Noel Black (born June 30, 1937) is an American film and television director. ... more on Wikipedia

Noel Black Filmography

movie 1996 Shakespeare's Children
tv series 1992 Swans Crossing
tv series 1990 The Baby-Sitters Club
tv series 1989 Dolphin Cove
tv movie 1988 The Town Bully
tv movie 1987 A Conspiracy of Love
tv movie 1986 A Time to Triumph
tv movie 1986 My Two Loves
movie 1985 Mischief
tv movie 1985 Deadly Intentions
tv movie 1985 Promises to Keep
tv movie 1983 Happy Endings
movie 1983 Private School
tv movie 1983 Quarterback Princess
tv movie 1982 Prime Suspect
tv movie 1982 The Electric Grandmother
tv movie 1981 The Other Victim
movie 1980 A Change of Seasons
tv movie 1980 The Golden Honeymoon
movie 1979 A Man, a Woman and a Bank
movie 1978 Mirrors
tv movie 1978 The World Beyond
tv movie 1977 I'm a Fool
tv series 1974 Amy Prentiss
movie 1972 Pickup on 101
movie 1971 Jennifer on My Mind
movie 1970 Cover Me Babe
movie 1968 Pretty Poison
tv movie 1968 Trilogy: The American Boy
tv series 1968 One Life to Live
movie 1966 Skaterdater
movie 1964 The River Boy
movie 1962 War Hunt
movie 1961 The Explosive Generation

Noel Black on Youtube

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Private School Trailer - Directed by Noel Black and starring Phoebe Cates, Betsy Russell, Matthew Modine, Michael Zorek, Fran Ryan. Christine, a student at a...

Pretty Poison (1968) Trailer.