Noel M. Smith

Noel M. Smith Filmography

movie 1952 Cattle Town
movie 1942 Gang Busters
movie 1941 Burma Convoy
movie 1941 Here Comes Happiness
movie 1941 The Case of the Black Parrot
movie 1941 The Nurse's Secret
movie 1940 Always a Bride
movie 1940 Calling All Husbands
movie 1940 Father Is a Prince
movie 1940 Just a Cute Kid
movie 1940 Ladies Must Live
movie 1939 Code of the Secret Service
movie 1939 On Dress Parade
movie 1939 Private Detective
movie 1939 Secret Service of the Air
movie 1939 Slapsie Maxie's
movie 1939 The Cowboy Quarterback
movie 1939 Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite
movie 1938 Campus Cinderella
movie 1938 Mystery House
movie 1937 Blazing Sixes
movie 1937 Guns of the Pecos
movie 1937 Over the Goal
movie 1937 The Cherokee Strip
movie 1936 California Mail
movie 1936 King of Hockey
movie 1936 Trailin' West
movie 1935 The Fighting Pilot
movie 1931 Dancing Dynamite
movie 1931 Scareheads
movie 1931 Yankee Don
movie 1929 Bachelor's Club
movie 1929 Back from Shanghai
movie 1929 The Heroic Lover
movie 1928 Fangs of Fate
movie 1928 Marlie the Killer
movie 1928 The Law's Lash
movie 1927 The Snarl of Hate
movie 1927 Cross Breed
movie 1927 One Chance in a Million
movie 1927 Where Trails Begin
movie 1926 A Flivver Vacation
movie 1926 Fangs of Justice
movie 1926 The Blue Streak
movie 1926 The Broadway Gallant
movie 1926 The Flying Mail
movie 1926 The Merry Cavalier
movie 1926 The Night Patrol
movie 1925 A Taxi War
movie 1925 Captain Suds
movie 1925 Crying for Love
movie 1925 Itching for Revenge
movie 1925 Kicked About
movie 1925 Too Much Mother-in-Law
movie 1925 Westward Whoa!
movie 1925 Blue Blood
movie 1925 Clash of the Wolves
movie 1924 A Royal Pair
movie 1924 Checking Out
movie 1924 Fearless Fools
movie 1924 Her Boy Friend
movie 1924 Kid Speed
movie 1924 Own a Lot
movie 1924 Pretty Plungers
movie 1924 Sahara Blues
movie 1924 Taxi! Taxi!
movie 1924 That Oriental Game
movie 1924 That's Rich
movie 1924 Traffic Jams
movie 1924 The Girl in the Limousine
movie 1924 The Weakling
movie 1923 Applesauce
movie 1923 Bridle Grooms
movie 1923 Full o' Pep
movie 1923 Holy Smoke
movie 1923 Lots of Nerve
movie 1923 So Long, Buddy
movie 1922 A Tailor-Made Chauffeur
movie 1922 Beware of Blondes
movie 1922 Breaking Into Jail
movie 1922 Cupid's Elephant
movie 1922 Dandy Dan: He's a Detective
movie 1922 From Soup to Nuts
movie 1922 Game Birds
movie 1922 No Money to Guide Him
movie 1922 Still Going Strong
movie 1922 The Dentist
movie 1922 The Dumb Waiters
movie 1922 The Spirit of '23
movie 1921 A Game Lady
movie 1921 At Your Service
movie 1921 Made in the Kitchen
movie 1921 Start Something
movie 1921 Step on It
movie 1921 The Punch of the Irish
movie 1921 Their Dizzy Finish
movie 1920 Love and Gasoline
movie 1920 An Artist's Muddle
movie 1920 Dames and Dentists
movie 1920 It's a Boy
movie 1920 Maids and Muslin
movie 1920 My Goodness
movie 1920 Squeaks and Squawks
movie 1919 Yaps and Yokels
movie 1919 A Rag Time Romance
movie 1919 Bungs and Bunglers
movie 1919 Cymbelles and Boneheads
movie 1919 Healthy and Happy
movie 1919 Let Fido Do It
movie 1919 Mates and Models
movie 1919 Squabs and Squabbles
movie 1919 Switches and Sweeties
movie 1919 Tootsies and Tamales
movie 1918 A High Diver's Last Kiss
movie 1918 Scars and Bars
movie 1918 The Torpedo Pirates
movie 1917 Beach Nuts
movie 1917 From Cactus to Kale
movie 1917 Little Bo-Peep
movie 1917 Props, Drops and Flops
movie 1917 Ring Rivals
movie 1917 Rough Stuff
movie 1917 Soapsuds and Sirens
movie 1917 Surf Scandal
movie 1917 Where Is My Che-ild?

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DICK TALMADGE (DARE DEVIL OF THE SCREEN) A 1935 action film 1935, directed by Noel Mason starring with Richard Talmadge. A daredevil flyer saves an ...

Gang Busters (1942) a Universal serial based on the radio series Gang Busters. Professor Mortis and his gang, The League of Murdered Men, terrorize the city .

Lengthy, theatrical trailer for the 13 chapter public domain serial, GANG BUSTERS (1942), starring Kent Taylor, Irene Hervey, Robert Armstrong and Ralph Mor...

Gang Busters (1942) a Universal serial based on the radio series Gang Busters. Professor Mortis and his gang, The League of Murdered Men, terrorize the city .