Noreen Corcoran

Noreen M. Corcoran (born October 20, 1943) is a former actress and dancer best known for her costarring role as the teenager Kelly Gregg, the niece of wealthy attorney Bentley Gregg, played by John Forsythe, in the television sitcom Bachelor Father, the only series to have been carried at one time by all three major networks during its run from 1957-1962. Corcoran was the third of eight children born in Quincy, Massachusetts, to William "Bill" Corcoran, Sr. (1905-1958), and the former Kathlee ... more on Wikipedia

Noreen Corcoran Filmography

movie 1965 The Girls on the Beach as Selma
movie 1963 Gidget Goes to Rome as Lucy McDougall
tv movie 1962 An Evening at the Inn as Herself
movie 1961 The Lawbreakers as Evelyn Gower
movie 1957 Band of Angels as Young Manty
movie 1955 Violent Saturday as Anna Stadt
movie 1954 Tanganyika as Sally Marion
movie 1953 A Lion Is in the Streets as Schoolgirl
movie 1953 I Love Melvin as Clarabelle Schneider
movie 1953 So This Is Love as Grace Moore at 8
movie 1953 The Robe as Girl
movie 1953 The Story of Three Loves as Anna - Little Girl with Governess on Ship
movie 1953 Young Bess as Bess as a child
movie 1952 Hans Christian Andersen as Little Girl
movie 1952 Plymouth Adventure as Ellen Moore
movie 1952 Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie as Adeline Halper at Age 6
movie 1951 Apache Drums as Child

Noreen Corcoran on Youtube

This song had originally been recorded and released by April Stevens in 1961, with a slower arrangement. Noreen's version did not chart, but was released on .

Noreen had been a star of the hit TV series "Bachelor Father", and like other teenage TV stars from around this time, it was her turn at recording some songs...

Teenage of her best.