Noriko Tatsumi

Noriko Tatsumi (????, Tatsumi Noriko?) is a Japanese actress known primarily for her appearances in pink films of the 1960s. During the "First Wave" of pink film, Tatsumi became known as the first "Queen" of Japanese sex movies, a title which she held from 1967 through 1970. She most often appeared in the films of the World Eiga and Nihon Cinema studios, and is best known for her work with director K?ji Seki, especially Whore (1967) and Erotic Culture Shock (1969). She also appeared ... more on Wikipedia

Noriko Tatsumi Filmography

movie 1970 Onna jigoku uta: Shakuhachi benten
movie 1970 Shiroi chibusa no senritsu
movie 1969 Jôji no atosaki
movie 1969 Onna no shita
movie 1969 Sei no kaiten
movie 1969 Shojo sei no mezame
movie 1968 Akai kairaku
movie 1968 Fujo zansatsu
movie 1968 Onna no ureshinaki as Ikenohata's Girlfriend
movie 1968 Tokugawa onna keizu
movie 1967 Climax
movie 1967 Dorei mibojin as Mitsuko Fuji
movie 1967 Kanzen naru kekkon as Keiko
movie 1967 Kôya no Dacchi waifu
movie 1967 Lynch to shibari as Narrator
movie 1967 Onna no aji
movie 1967 Special as Hotel maid