Norman Fields

Norman Fields Filmography

movie 1995 Living in Oblivion as Hair
tv movie 1981 The Star Maker
movie 1979 Gas Pump Girls as Louie
movie 1979 Hey! There's Naked Bodies on My TV! as Detective Carp
tv movie 1979 Silent Victory: The Kitty O'Neil Story as First Director
tv movie 1979 The Chinese Typewriter as Guard
movie 1975 A Taste of Decadence as Herbert Gillingham
movie 1975 Pastries as Elmer Brown
movie 1975 Video Vixens as Clifford Bradley
movie 1975 Wheeler as Salesman
movie 1974 Alice Goodbody as J.C. Van Himmel
movie 1974 Flesh Gordon as Radio Announcer
movie 1974 Poor Cecily as Lord High Constable
movie 1973 A Scream in the Streets as Mr. Heath
movie 1973 Cold Feet as Call Girl's Client
movie 1973 Keys as Club Manager
movie 1973 Sweet Jesus, Preacherman as Police Captain
movie 1973 The Black Alley Cats as Dr. Wayne Kincade
movie 1973 The Black Bunch as Pepe Russo
movie 1973 The Dirty Mind of Young Sally as Sgt. Dimwittle
movie 1972 Dr. Carstair's 1869 Love-Root Elixir as Bartender
movie 1972 Drop Out Wife as Janet's Guy
movie 1972 Evil Come Evil Go as Michael
movie 1972 Hell's Kitten as Mark Essex
movie 1972 The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide as Shop Owner
movie 1972 The Suckers
movie 1972 Up the Sandbox as Reporter
movie 1971 'S.M.A.S.H-H. or How to Get Hung' as Doctor on Operating Table
movie 1971 A Touch of Sweden as Elmer Marks
movie 1971 Bare Country as Uncle
movie 1971 Hard Action as Harry Udo
movie 1971 Love at the Door
movie 1971 Love Boccaccio Style as Bruno
movie 1971 Octaman
movie 1971 Prostitution Pornography USA as Man with Whip
movie 1971 Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song
movie 1971 The Erotic Artist as Sketch
movie 1971 The Godson as Brothel Customer - Grey Suit
movie 1971 The Midnight Hustler as Angie
movie 1971 The Psychiatrist as Pervert in Car
movie 1970 A Taste of Honey as Ned
movie 1970 Affair in the Air as Co-Pilot Riley Hump
movie 1970 Booby Trap as Mr. Bianca
movie 1970 Britt Blazer as Nick
movie 1970 In for Life as Henry the Janitor
movie 1970 Marriage American Style as Hut Tut
movie 1970 Mind Blowers as Shrink
movie 1970 The Maltese Asparagus as Sam Spud
movie 1965 The Farmer's Other Daughter as Government Man

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