Norman Kerry

Norman Kerry (June 16, 1894 ? January 12, 1956) was a U.S. actor whose career spanned over twenty-five years in the motion picture industry beginning in the silent era at the end of World War I. ... more on Wikipedia

Norman Kerry Filmography

video movie 1961 The Legend of Rudolph Valentino as Himself
movie 1941 Tanks a Million as Major
movie 1936 Phantom of Santa Fe as Miguel 'Mike' Morago, aka The Hawk
movie 1932 The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood as Leading Man in Projected Film
movie 1931 Air Eagles as Otto Schumann
movie 1931 Bachelor Apartment as Lee Graham
movie 1930 Ex-Flame as Beaumont Winthrop
movie 1930 The Voice of Hollywood No. 6 as Himself, Guest Host
movie 1929 Man, Woman and Wife as Rance Rogers
movie 1929 The Bondman as Jason
movie 1929 The Prince of Hearts as Prince Casimir
movie 1929 The Woman I Love as Kenneth Hamilton
movie 1929 Trial Marriage as Oliver Mowbray
movie 1928 The Foreign Legion as Richard Farquhar
movie 1928 The Woman from Moscow as Loris Ipanoff
movie 1927 Annie Laurie as Ian Macdonald
movie 1927 Body and Soul as Ruffo
movie 1927 Love Me and the World Is Mine as Von Vigilatti
movie 1927 The Claw as Maurice Stair
movie 1927 The Irresistible Lover as J. Harrison Gray
movie 1927 The Unknown as Malabar
movie 1926 Mademoiselle Modiste as Etienne
movie 1926 The Barrier as Meade Burrell
movie 1926 The Love Thief as Prince Boris Alexander Emanuel Augustus
movie 1926 Under Western Skies as Robert Erskine
movie 1925 Fifth Avenue Models as Francis Doran
movie 1925 Lorraine of the Lions as Don Mackay
movie 1925 The Phantom of the Opera as Vicomte Raoul de Chagny
movie 1925 The Price of Pleasure as Garry Schuyler
movie 1924 Between Friends as Jack Greylock
movie 1924 Butterfly as Konrad Kronski
movie 1924 Cytherea as Peyton Morris
movie 1924 Daring Youth as John J. Campbell
movie 1924 Hello, 'Frisco as Himself - Norman Kerry
movie 1924 So This Is Marriage?
movie 1924 The City of Stars as Himself
movie 1924 The Shadow of the East as Said
movie 1924 True As Steel as Harry Boutelle
movie 1923 Is Money Everything? as John Brand
movie 1923 Merry-Go-Round as Count Franz Maximilian Von Hohenegg
movie 1923 The Acquittal as Robert Armstrong
movie 1923 The Hunchback of Notre Dame as Phoebus de Chateaupers
movie 1923 The Satin Girl as Dr. Richard Taunton
movie 1923 The Thrill Chaser as Cameo appearance
movie 1922 Brothers Under the Skin as Thomas Kirtland
movie 1922 Find the Woman as Marc Weber
movie 1922 The Man from Home as Prince Kinsillo
movie 1922 Three Live Ghosts as Billy Foster
movie 1922 Till We Meet Again as Robert Carter
movie 1921 Buried Treasure as Dr. John Grant
movie 1921 Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford as 'Blackie' Daw
movie 1921 Little Italy as Antonio Tumullo
movie 1921 Proxies as Peter Mendoza
movie 1921 The Wild Goose as Ogden Fenn
movie 1920 A Splendid Hazard as John Fitzgerald
movie 1920 Passion's Playground as Prince Vanno Della Robbia
movie 1919 Getting Mary Married as James Winthrop, Jr.
movie 1919 Soldiers of Fortune as Robert Clay
movie 1919 The Dark Star as Jim Neeland
movie 1919 Toton the Apache as David Lane
movie 1919 Virtuous Sinners as Hamilton Jones
movie 1918 Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley as Gordon Phillips
movie 1918 Good Night, Paul as Richard Landers
movie 1918 Rose o' Paradise as Theodore King
movie 1918 The Talk of the Town
movie 1918 Up the Road with Sallie as Joshua Cabot II, aka Smith Jones
movie 1917 The Little American as Wounded Soldier
movie 1917 The Little Princess as Capt. Richard Crewe
movie 1917 Vanity as Crandell
movie 1916 Manhattan Madness as Bit Part
movie 1916 The Black Butterfly as Vladimir

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"The Phantom of the Opera" is a 1925 American silent horror film adaptation of the Gaston Leroux novel of the same title directed by Rupert Julian. The film ...

The classic of silent horror movies. Lon Chaney as The Phantom of the Opera.

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