Norman Mikeal Berketa

Norman Mikeal Berketa Filmography

movie 2012 Eddie as Bartender
movie 2010 Die as Security guard
tv movie 2008 A Near Death Experience as Detective Jeff Mader
tv movie 2007 Custody as Security Guard
tv movie 2007 I Me Wed as Supplier
movie 2007 Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer as Man in Hardware Store
tv movie 2007 My Daughter's Secret as Albert
tv movie 2006 Proof of Lies as Campus Cop
movie 2005 A Taste of Jupiter as Security Guard
tv movie 2005 Deadly Isolation as Daniel Garrett
tv movie 2004 H2O as Elliot Cressman
movie 2003 Beyond Borders as Police Officer
movie 2003 Lost Junction as Mr. Thompson
movie 2002 The Sum of All Fears as American Scientist
tv series 2002 Toad Patrol as Barnaby
tv movie 2001 After Amy as Michael O'Donnell
movie 2001 House of Luk as Man In Car
movie 2001 Protection as Ernst
movie 2001 The Score as Bureaucrat Official
tv series 2001 Untalkative Bunny as Various Voices
tv movie 2000 Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis as Young Maurice Tempelsman
movie 2000 The Kiss of Debt as Father Gardenia
tv series 2000 For Better or for Worse as Additional Voices
tv series 2000 Nuremberg as American Photographer
tv movie 1999 The Collectors as Bank Manager
tv series 1999 Hoze Houndz as Clock
tv series 1999 Kevin Spencer as Dr. Franklin

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Originální název: The Score, Informace o filmu na Drama / krimi / thriller, USA, 2001, 123 min. Režie: Robert De Niro, Fran...

Originální název: The Sum of All Fears, Informace o filmu na Thriller / drama / akční / dobrodružný, USA, 2002, 119 min...