Norman Pierce

Norman Pierce Filmography

movie 1978 Doctor Dracula as Sir Steven
movie 1961 Arthur Clears the Air as Coal Merchant
movie 1960 The Brides of Dracula as Johann, Landlord
movie 1959 The Rough and the Smooth as Barman
movie 1958 Tread Softly Stranger as Publican
movie 1956 All Square Aft as Sam Rogers
movie 1956 It's Great to Be Young! as Publican
movie 1956 Port of Escape as Policeman
movie 1953 The Sword and the Rose as Innkeeper
movie 1952 Angels One Five as The Operations Room: 'Bonzo'
movie 1952 Escape Route as Inspector Hobbs
movie 1951 The Case of the Missing Scene as Sam
movie 1951 The Magic Box as Speaker in Connaught Rooms
tv movie 1950 Bright Shadow as Douglas Barrow
movie 1950 Chance of a Lifetime as Franklin
movie 1950 The 20 Questions Murder Mystery as Golf Club Barman
movie 1949 Badger's Green as Sam Rogers
movie 1948 Blanche Fury as Coroner
movie 1948 Elizabeth of Ladymead
movie 1948 My Brother's Keeper as Policeman at Shorebury
movie 1948 William Comes to Town as Police Sergeant
movie 1947 Frieda as Crawley
movie 1946 I See a Dark Stranger as Dance MC
movie 1946 Send for Paul Temple as Sgt. Morrison
movie 1945 Great Day as Policeman
movie 1945 The Voice Within as Publican
movie 1944 Champagne Charlie as Landlord
movie 1944 Mr. Emmanuel as Capt. John Cooper
movie 1943 The Bells Go Down as Pa Robbins
movie 1943 The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp as Mr. Wynne
movie 1943 Undercover as Lieutenant Frank
movie 1942 Front Line Kids
movie 1942 In Which We Serve as Mr. Satterthwaite
movie 1942 Uncensored
movie 1942 Went the Day Well? as Jim Sturry
movie 1941 South American George
movie 1940 Saloon Bar as Bill Hoskins
movie 1940 The Thief of Bagdad as Undetermined Role
movie 1939 Flying Fifty-Five
movie 1939 Poison Pen as Village Policeman
movie 1939 The Four Feathers as Sergeant Brown
movie 1938 Return of the Frog as Policeman
movie 1938 Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror as Inspector Bramley
movie 1938 Special Edition as Aiken
movie 1937 Brief Ecstasy as Landlord
movie 1937 Busman's Holiday as Crook
tv movie 1937 Journey's End as 2nd Lt. Trotter
movie 1937 The Ticket of Leave Man as Maltby
movie 1936 Everything Is Thunder as Hans
movie 1936 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street as Mr. Findlay
movie 1936 The Crimes of Stephen Hawke as Landlord
movie 1936 This Green Hell as Willington
movie 1936 To Catch a Thief
movie 1935 Can You Hear Me, Mother? as Joe
movie 1935 Gay Old Dog
movie 1931 Number, Please as Inspector

Norman Pierce on Youtube

Benjamin Norman Pierce Escape Java Joint Open Mic October 6, 2007 Madison, WI USA Copyright Red Dragon Free ...

One short-tempered androgynous ground squirrel and one princess far from home on going to endeavor on a journey beyond imagination.

Dead Clowns Lyrics inspired by Benjamin Norman Pierce Composition and Arranged by Ari John White Wolf.

Some Good Ass Skating.