Norman Taurog

Norman Rae Taurog (February 23, 1899 - April 7, 1981) was an Oscar-winning American film director and screenwriter. ... more on Wikipedia

Norman Taurog Filmography

video movie 2007 A Life in Words and Music as Himself
video movie 2007 Elvis Presley: Hot Shots and Cool Clips Volume 3 as Himself
video movie 2003 Begin the Beguine as Himself
video movie 2002 The Definitive Elvis: The Hollywood Years - Part II: 1962-1969 as Himself
movie 1981 This Is Elvis as Himself
movie 1968 Live a Little, Love a Little
movie 1968 Speedway
movie 1967 Double Trouble
movie 1966 Spinout
movie 1965 Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
movie 1965 Sergeant Dead Head
movie 1965 Tickle Me
movie 1963 It Happened at the World's Fair
movie 1963 Palm Springs Weekend
movie 1962 Girls! Girls! Girls!
movie 1961 All Hands on Deck
movie 1961 Blue Hawaii
movie 1960 G.I. Blues
movie 1960 Visit to a Small Planet
movie 1959 Don't Give Up the Ship
movie 1958 Onionhead
movie 1957 The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown
movie 1956 Bundle of Joy
movie 1956 Pardners
movie 1956 The Birds and the Bees
movie 1955 You're Never Too Young
tv movie 1954 Light's Diamond Jubilee
movie 1954 Living It Up
movie 1953 The Caddy
movie 1953 The Stars Are Singing
movie 1952 Jumping Jacks
movie 1952 Room for One More
movie 1952 The Stooge
movie 1951 Rich, Young and Pretty
movie 1950 Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone
movie 1950 Please Believe Me
movie 1950 The Toast of New Orleans
movie 1949 That Midnight Kiss
movie 1948 Big City
movie 1948 The Bride Goes Wild
movie 1948 Words and Music
movie 1947 The Beginning or the End
movie 1946 The Hoodlum Saint
movie 1944 Rationing
movie 1943 Girl Crazy
movie 1943 Presenting Lily Mars
movie 1942 A Yank at Eton
movie 1942 Are Husbands Necessary?
movie 1941 Design for Scandal
movie 1941 Married Bachelor
movie 1941 Men of Boys Town
movie 1941 Billy the Kid
movie 1940 Broadway Melody of 1940
movie 1940 Gold Rush Maisie
movie 1940 Little Nellie Kelly
movie 1940 Young Tom Edison
movie 1939 Lucky Night
movie 1939 The Wizard of Oz
movie 1938 Boys Town
movie 1938 Mad About Music
movie 1938 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
movie 1938 The Girl Downstairs
movie 1937 Fifty Roads to Town
movie 1937 You Can't Have Everything
movie 1936 Reunion
movie 1936 Rhythm on the Range
movie 1936 Strike Me Pink
movie 1935 The Big Broadcast of 1936
movie 1934 Hollywood Rhythm as Himself
movie 1934 College Rhythm
movie 1934 Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
movie 1934 We're Not Dressing
movie 1933 A Bedtime Story
movie 1933 The Way to Love
movie 1932 Hold 'Em Jail
movie 1932 If I Had a Million
movie 1932 The Phantom President
movie 1931 Cab Waiting
movie 1931 Finn and Hattie
movie 1931 Huckleberry Finn
movie 1931 It Might Be Worse
movie 1931 Newly Rich
movie 1931 Simply Killing
movie 1931 Skippy
movie 1931 Sooky
movie 1930 Follow the Leader
movie 1930 Hot Curves
movie 1930 Meet the Boyfriend
movie 1930 Plastered
movie 1930 Song Service
movie 1930 Sunny Skies
movie 1930 The Fatal Card
movie 1930 Troopers Three
movie 1929 All Steamed Up
movie 1929 Detectives Wanted
movie 1929 Hired and Fired
movie 1929 In Holland
movie 1929 Knights Out
movie 1929 The Diplomats
movie 1929 The Medicine Men
movie 1928 A Home Made Man
movie 1928 Always a Gentleman
movie 1928 At It Again
movie 1928 Between Jobs
movie 1928 Blazing Away
movie 1928 Listen Children
movie 1928 Blondes Beware
movie 1928 Cutie
movie 1928 Lucky Boy
movie 1928 Rah! Rah! Rah!
movie 1928 Slippery Head
movie 1927 At Ease
movie 1927 Drama Deluxe
movie 1927 Goose Flesh
movie 1927 His Better Half
movie 1927 Howdy Duke
movie 1927 New Wrinkles
movie 1927 Papa's Boy
movie 1927 Breezing Along
movie 1927 Her Husky Hero
movie 1927 Kilties
movie 1927 Plumb Dumb
movie 1927 Somebody's Fault
movie 1927 The Draw-Back
movie 1927 The Little Rube
movie 1927 Up in Arms
movie 1926 Careful Please
movie 1926 Creeps
movie 1926 Here Comes Charlie
movie 1926 Jolly Tars
movie 1926 Move Along
movie 1926 Movieland
movie 1926 Nobody's Business
movie 1926 Nothing Matters
movie 1926 Teacher, Teacher
movie 1926 The Humdinger
movie 1926 Who's My Wife?
movie 1926 Honest Injun
movie 1926 Lickety Split
movie 1926 Mr. Cinderella
movie 1925 Hello, Hollywood
movie 1925 The Cloudhopper
movie 1925 Andy in Hollywood
movie 1925 Below Zero
movie 1925 Cheap Skates
movie 1925 Going Great
movie 1925 Hello Goodbye
movie 1925 On Edge
movie 1925 Pleasure Bound
movie 1925 Rough and Ready
movie 1925 Spot Light
movie 1925 Step Lightly
movie 1925 Wide Awake
movie 1924 Andy's Hat in the Ring
movie 1924 Andy's Stump Speech
movie 1924 Fast and Furious
movie 1924 Flying Finance
movie 1924 Hot Air
movie 1924 Midnight Blues
movie 1924 Motor Mad
movie 1924 Oh! Min!
movie 1924 Pain as You Enter
movie 1924 Pigskin
movie 1924 There He Goes
movie 1924 What a Night!
movie 1924 Wild Game
movie 1923 Aggravatin' Mama
movie 1923 Film Foolish
movie 1923 Hot Sparks
movie 1923 Oh! What a Day!
movie 1923 Running Wild
movie 1923 The Fourflusher
movie 1923 The Mummy
movie 1923 The Yankee Spirit
movie 1923 Uncle Bim's Gifts
movie 1923 Under Covers
movie 1923 Watch Papa
movie 1922 A Pair of Kings
movie 1922 The Sawmill
movie 1922 The Show
movie 1922 Aladdin
movie 1922 The Fresh Kid
movie 1921 The Bakery
movie 1921 The Bell Hop
movie 1921 The Fall Guy
movie 1921 The Rent Collector
movie 1921 The Sportsman
movie 1921 The Hick
movie 1920 The Fly Cop as Bit Part
movie 1920 School Days
movie 1920 The Stage Hand
movie 1920 The Suitor
movie 1912 Tangled Relations as One of the Children

Norman Taurog on Youtube

Dr. Goldfoot has invented an army of bikini-clad robots who are programmed to seek out wealthy men and charm them into signing over their assets.

Broadway Melody of 1940 Trailer - Directed by Norman Taurog and starring Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell, George Murphy, Frank Morgan, Ian Hunter. Johnny ...

Double Trouble Trailer - Directed by Norman Taurog and starring Elvis Presley, John Williams, The Wiere Brothers, Chips Rafferty, Norman Rossington.

It Happened at the World's Fair Trailer - Directed by Norman Taurog and starring Elvis Presley, Gary Lockwood, H.M. Wynant, Guy Raymond, Kam Tong.